From the Skeleton to a full-fledged Body: 3D Animation

Joanne Myers
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The popular tv series “REBOOT” was the first to get an opportunity to showcase 3D animation. While 2D stands for “Height and Width”, 3D introduced “Depth” to the equation. 3D is mostly digitally making its commands and interfaces rather challenging to some Animators.

To first start in 3D, the first thing to do is to make a skeleton in 3D software’s like Maya or After Effects. Then there comes a process called “rigging”, which gives articulations to the skeleton, so it can follow basic or not-so-basic motions. It is an evolving type of animation, everyday seeming more realistic, especially in video games as developers use motion sensors to add to an actors’ face for recording the movements, thus making it more realistic.

How are you using 3D animation in your project?

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