How to animate for Virtual Reality

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When it comes to the tools available for animators to create virtual reality animations, the options can be overwhelming. After many hours of research and reading reviews, I’ve compiled a few of the highest rated tools to get started on any vr animation project.
Google’s Daydream Lab features two animation-based apps called Puppeteer and Animator. These apps are designed to work with the Google Daydream VR platform on Android devices, as well as the Samsung Gear V8 vr headset. Puppeteer’s abilities are reminiscent of Cinema 4D or Maya in that it offers the equivalent of character rigging in a 3D suite. In Puppeteer, animators are free to experiment with animating the joints of a character, like the head, hands, and feet, as shown in the video below.

Animator allows the animator to create animation using a smartphone locked into a vr headset and a handheld motion controller. In the demo video of Animator below, you can see the user using the motion controller to pick up objects from a palette and move them through space and time. The Animator software records the motion of objects one-by-one to build a scene of virtual toys, while the motion controller has sensors that detect rotation, allowing users to navigate the program using the controller as a laser pointer.

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