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Buy Penis Pumps Online

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Product Description

These penis pumps are the most popular penis pumps to order.

They come in different versions to accommodate the different size of men's penises.

All penis pumps orders come in nicely sealed, sex toy plastic boxes.

The penis pump order is ready to use immediately out of the box.

No penis pump assembly required.

Customer Buying Reviews

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Buy Penis Pump Buying Guide

Penis pumps are enlarge therapy treatments that increase penis size for men.

The penis pump creates a large therapy force to enlarge your penis.

You penis eventually gets used to the treatment and grows large.

The result is larger penis size immediately after, and in the long term (penis enlargement).

Penis Pump Benefits:

  • Increased size.

  • Harder Erections.

  • Fuller Erections

  • Increased size over the long-term.

The doctor standard are water penis pumps.

HydroMax Bathmate vs. Penomet

What's the difference?

In terms of the actual penis pump enlargement, there's no difference.

All pumps enlarge the penis so, buy penis pump here!

The only difference is that the Bathmate comes at a better price without sacrificing quality.

How to Order a Penis Pump

Therapy Treatments (How to Use)

  1. Fill the penis pump with warm-hot water.

  2. Place your semi-erect penis inside (80-90% hardness).

  3. Start pumping.

  4. Keep the penis in the pressurized pump for 15-20 minutes.

  5. Finished. De-pressurize the penis pump and let your penis rest.

Penis Pump Safety

  1. Do not use a penis pump for more than 20 minutes (therapy).

  2. Do not use a penis pump for more than 2 treatments per 24 hour period.

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