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Penis Pump Reviews: Customer Reviews of 5 Approved Products

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Updated on August 29, 2019

So you already know the answer to "Do penis pumps work?" and want to find the best penis pump to enlarge your erection for sex.

In this article, we're going to review the best penis pump for men based on erection szie results and cost.

Penis Pump Features Dr. Ferrara Rating Go to Site


bathmate hydro 7 penis pump
  • For both circumcised and uncircumcised men.

  • Certified Size Results.

  • 3000g Pump Pressure.

  • Best Price.

5 star review


bathmate hydromax 7 penis pump
  • For both circumcised and uncircumcised men.

  • Certified Size Results.

  • 3200g Pump Pressure.

  • 1” and 2” Elongation Bars.

5 star review


bathmate hydroxtreme 7 penis pump
  • Only for circumcised men.

  • Certified Size Results.

  • 5000g Pump Pressure.

  • Expensive.

4 star review

The Best Penis Pump and Review of The Top Ones

#1. Bathmate Hydromax Pump

Filling a water pump in the bathtub.

2019 Rating: 5/5 Stars

Here's our review of the Bathmate penis pump:

The Bathamte gets our doctors' top penis pump rating.

The Bathmate pumps are water-based penis pumps that are probably the most popular penis pumps for men, on the market.

Check out the before and after results here.

You fill them with water and pump to increase the pressure to enlarge your erection. The water-filled chamber is safer and completely prevents blisters.

Bathmate being filled with water.
Bathmate being filled with water.
the best penis pump.
One of the best penis pumps (Bathmate X30).

#2. Penomet Penis Pumps

2019 Rating: 4/5 Stars

Here's our review of the Penomet:

The people over at Penomet are so confident that they can increase your penis erection size, length and girth that they stamp a 100% risk-free guarantee on every pump they sell.

The Gaiter System controls just how much pressure you can add inside the penis pump to get results without experiencing discomfort.

The two-part design combines a 360 pressure release valve for the user's safety.

The company touts that their penis pump product can reverse the effects of erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease, and bring greater sexual satisfaction in bedroom sex.

Our review concludes that if you need a good, quick solution to enlarge a small penis erection or cure the embarrassing symptoms of erectile dysfunction? Give Penomet penis pumps a try.

#3. X4 Labs Pump

2019 Rating: 3/5 Stars

Here's our review of the X4 Labs Penis Pump:

X4 Labs is a household name when it comes to penis enlargement devices, and their aptly named "Vacuum Pump" is a testament to the quality and efficacy of their products.

This penis pump enlargement device gives you your desired erection, girth and size using the power of air.

X4 Labs has designed their vacuum penis pump to be used anywhere- at home, in the office or even while on the commute. Moreover, you get to choose between a handgrip, electric or squeeze ball-assisted suction mechanism.

The handgrip and squeeze ball version works similar to that of blood pressure devices.

It is good, but not the best for sex or erectile dysfunction.

The electric vacuum penis pump is great for men who want a hands-free way of exercising and stretching out their penises' muscles. In just a few weeks, you'll have gained between 1 to 3 inches in erection length and enjoy a thicker manhood, which your partner will surely love.

#4. Vibrating Big Man's Pump

2019 Rating: 2/5 Stars

Here's our review of the Big Man:

A relative newcomer to the world of sexual wellness, the Big Man's Vacuum Pump is designed to both stimulate and stretch your penile cells to your desired erection length, girth and size.

The vacuum penis pump has a vibration mechanism that takes two AA batteries to work.

The vacuum penis pump itself has three silicone sleeves of varying sizes. Plus, there's an included calibration so that you can measure yourself after a few days or a week.

Men who have naturally big penises can still make their sex organs grow when they use this good product.

Amazingly, the device is comfortable and performs well for a long time. High quality materials such as PVC and silicone are used to best effect here.

#5. CanWin Power Up Penis Pump

2019 Rating: 2/5 Stars

Here's our review of the CanWin:

The CanWin Power Up is for men who want quick penis size results in a short amount of time.

Quality is top-of-the-line, as the company uses only 100% safe, medical-grade materials that won't harm your penis or cause adverse erection effects or erectile dysfunction.

When using the Power Up Vacuum Pump, you'll need to lube up.

Our review has found the device can handle up to 7.8 inches of length while erect.

Internal vacuum pressure stretches out your penis' sponge cells and veins, accelerating blood circulation and flow, making your erection large.

The result? A thicker and longer manhood that you can use to get maximum pleasure and orgasm.

The quick release valve and the built-in handle makes the penis enlargement process safe and easy to use before sex.

Size Gain Results Review

A good penis pump treats erectile dysfunction and can safely expand the penis up to 30% in size.

before and after results
A PhalloGauge Medical test subject's enlargement results after using a Bathmate pump.

This size increase will last up to a good, few hours after using the pump device.

Buy a penis pump to start getting these results for yourself.

How penis pumps work for enlargement:

The body cells in penis enlargement are expanded in two ways.

The first way is by expanding each individual cell size (hypertrophy).

cells expanding in pump vacuum.

As air is pumped out of the chamber, a work void is created (vacuum).

That means all the "stuff" inside the chamber has to expand.

Diagram of smooth muscle tissues.
Each penis cell is stretched in the pump.

As a result, your penis cells are trained to grow in men.

Diagram showing how a penis fills with blood causes it to expand.
The penis on the left has lots of blood flowing - the effect of the best penis pump.

Customer Frequently Asked Questions

Is a penis pump device safe for men use?

Answer: Yes. When used correctly.

How long do I have to use a penis pump each day?

Answer: Men should use it for 20 minutes while erect, each day.

Are the best penis pump results permanent?

Answer: Yes, however, you will have to continue to use the pump to maintain the large results.

How long until I see good results from a penis pump?

Answer: Most users report size gains IMMEDIATELY after using the penis pump.

How many times should men use a penis pump device each day?

Answer: We recommend only 1 pump work session, and no more.

Will both flaccid and erect girth increase?

Answer: Yes, both will increase.

If men stop using a penis pump, will men lose their gains?

Answer: No. But you should use a pump at least once a week for good maintenance.

When is the best time of the day to use a penis pump device?

Answer: We recommend men to pump while erect, in the shower, after work, to kill two birds with once stone.

Where is the best place to buy penis pumps?

Answer: You can get Bathmate pumps from the official site here.

Can penis pumps add length gains?

Answer: Yes, to a small extent. The expansive nature of the pump also stretches the penis length-wise.

Will using the best penis pump cure my erectile dysfunction?

Answer: Yes. Your erectile dysfunction symptoms will disappear.

How old do I have to be to use a penis pump?

Answer: Only men over 18 years of age should use penis pumps.

Are these pumps reviewed for Erectile Dysfunction?

Penis pumps can definitely help men with erectile dysfunction.


Well, simply use a penis pump device before sex in order to "boost" (enlarge) your erect boner.

That way, men can treat erectile dysfunction, and really get the blood flowing into your penis for a good, large erection.

Penis Pumps Ranked from Best to Worst

  • Bathmate (Top Penis Pump)

  • Battery vacuum (good)

  • Encore deluxe battery (good for erectile dysfunction)

  • Encore impo aid manual vacuum erection penis pump

  • Manual vacuum erection

  • Timm Osbon erecaid classic manual vacuum

  • Vacurect vacuum erection device

  • Vacuum pumps

  • Vacuum therapy device SM2000


In conclusion, our review concludes that penis pumps are still going strong as girth-providing enlargement solutions for men for one reason:

They work.

Our doctor review has also found that this device is the top treatment for erectile dysfunction in men.

Recent technology has provided us with water-based penis pumps, probably the best penis pump compared to the old air-based pumps.

Whether you're a beginner or veteran to natural penis enlargement methods, you can't go wrong with the top penis pumps for your erection.

If anything, just use it just before sex, and your partner will notice a large difference.

Fact Checked: Although product recommendations are only our opinions, this research-backed page has been fact-checked and reviewed by a certified nutritionalist or health specialist.

"Hey man, here's the best place to get a penis pump."
Kind regards, Dr. Raz

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"Hey man, here's the best place to get a penis pump."
Kind regards, Dr. Raz

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