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The Best Penis Pumps of 2020 (Updated Monthly)

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Updated on March 4, 2020

So you already know the answer to "Do penis pumps work?" and want to find the best penis pump to enlarge your erection for sex.

In this article, we're going to review the best penis pump for men based on erection size results and cost.

Penis Pump Features Dr. Ferrara Rating Go to Site


bathmate hydro 7 penis pump
  • For both circumcised and uncircumcised men.

  • Certified Size Results.

  • 3000g Pump Pressure.

  • Best Price.

5 star review


bathmate hydromax 7 penis pump
  • For both circumcised and uncircumcised men.

  • Certified Size Results.

  • 3200g Pump Pressure.

  • 1” and 2” Elongation Bars.

5 star review


penomet penis pump
  • Only for circumcised men.

  • Marginal Size Results.

  • 1200g Pump Pressure.

5 star review


bathmate hydroxtreme 7 penis pump
  • Only for circumcised men.

  • Certified Size Results.

  • 5000g Pump Pressure.

  • Expensive.

4 star review

#1. Bathmate Hydromax Pump

A pump product, unopened.
A Bathmate erectile dysfunction pump, still in the box.
Filling a water pump in the bathtub.

2020 Rating: 5/5 Stars

Here's our review of the Bathmate penis pump:

The Bathamte gets our doctors' top penis pump rating.

The Bathmate pumps are water-based penis pumps that are probably the most popular penis pumps for men, on the market.

Check out the before and after results here.

You fill them with water and pump to increase the pressure to enlarge your erection. The water-filled chamber is safer and completely prevents blisters.

Bathmate being filled with water.
Bathmate being filled with water.
the best penis pump.
One of the best penis pumps (Bathmate X30).

Hydromax 7

The current version of the Hydromax pump is called Hydromax 7.

It improves upon pressure and stability within the pump cylinder.

You can read the full Hydromax 7 review here.

HydroXtreme 7

The HydroXtreme 7 is apart of the latest line of Bathmate pumps from Hydromax.

It is the "higher tier" option compared to the HydroMax 7.

That means, if you have a little more that you're willing to spend, you can choose to get the HydroXtreme 7 over the Hydromax 7.

Honestly, both work just as well, but the HydroXtreme 7 just has more power over the Hydromax 7.

Not to mention the HydroXtreme 7 has a hand-squeeze pump which makes pumping a little less tedious.

You can't go wrong with both options, so just choose the pump that best fits your wallet.

#2. Penomet Penis Pumps

2020 Rating: 4/5 Stars

Here's our review of the Penomet:

The people over at Penomet are so confident that they can increase your penis erection size, length and girth that they stamp a 100% risk-free guarantee on every pump they sell.

The Gaiter System controls just how much pressure you can add inside the penis pump to get results without experiencing discomfort.

The two-part design combines a 360 pressure release valve for the user's safety.

The company touts that their penis pump product can reverse the effects of erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease, and bring greater sexual satisfaction in bedroom sex.

Our review concludes that if you need a good, quick solution to enlarge a small penis erection or cure the embarrassing symptoms of erectile dysfunction? Give Penomet penis pumps a try.

#3. X4 Labs Pump

2020 Rating: 3/5 Stars

Here's our review of the X4 Labs Penis Pump:

X4 Labs is a household name when it comes to penis enlargement devices, and their aptly named "Vacuum Pump" is a testament to the quality and efficacy of their products.

This penis pump enlargement device gives you your desired erection, girth and size using the power of air.

X4 Labs has designed their vacuum penis pump to be used anywhere- at home, in the office or even while on the commute. Moreover, you get to choose between a handgrip, electric or squeeze ball-assisted suction mechanism.

The handgrip and squeeze ball version works similar to that of blood pressure devices.

It is good, but not the best for sex or erectile dysfunction.

The electric vacuum penis pump is great for men who want a hands-free way of exercising and stretching out their penises' muscles. In just a few weeks, you'll have gained between 1 to 3 inches in erection length and enjoy a thicker manhood, which your partner will surely love.

#4. Vibrating Big Man's Pump

2020 Rating: 2/5 Stars

Here's our review of the Big Man:

A relative newcomer to the world of sexual wellness, the Big Man's Vacuum Pump is designed to both stimulate and stretch your penile cells to your desired erection length, girth and size.

The vacuum penis pump has a vibration mechanism that takes two AA batteries to work.

The vacuum penis pump itself has three silicone sleeves of varying sizes. Plus, there's an included calibration so that you can measure yourself after a few days or a week.

Men who have naturally big penises can still make their sex organs grow when they use this good product.

Amazingly, the device is comfortable and performs well for a long time. High quality materials such as PVC and silicone are used to best effect here.

#5. CanWin Power Up Penis Pump

2020 Rating: 2/5 Stars

Here's our review of the CanWin:

The CanWin Power Up is for men who want quick penis size results in a short amount of time.

Quality is top-of-the-line, as the company uses only 100% safe, medical-grade materials that won't harm your penis or cause adverse erection effects or erectile dysfunction.

When using the Power Up Vacuum Pump, you'll need to lube up.

Our review has found the device can handle up to 7.8 inches of length while erect.

Internal vacuum pressure stretches out your penis' sponge cells and veins, accelerating blood circulation and flow, making your erection large.

The result? A thicker and longer manhood that you can use to get maximum pleasure and orgasm.

The quick release valve and the built-in handle makes the penis enlargement process safe and easy to use before sex.

Size Gain Results Review

A good penis pump treats erectile dysfunction and can safely expand the penis up to 30% in size.

before and after results
A PhalloGauge Medical test subject's enlargement results after using a Bathmate pump.

This size increase will last up to a good, few hours after using the pump device.

Buy a penis pump to start getting these results for yourself.

What is a Penis Pump?

Penis pumps are devices that are used to enlargen the penis and heal complications due to erectile function.

A penis pump is a tool that helps men address both these issues.

The device is comprised of two parts: A pump and a cylinder - both are used to generate a vacuum around the penis, making it grow.

Some men also use a constricting penis ring to amplify more penis enlargement effects.

If you are going to use the penis pump, you should learn how they work, the different types of pumps, and how to correctly use them.

How a Penis Pump Works

The mechanism of penis pump function relies on the use of a vacuum created cylinder, or chamber.

When pumped, a negative pressure is created in the cylinder, and because the penis lies inside the cylinder, the penis tissue is stretched outwards.

As a result of this pressure force, the blood rushes into the penis.

Since a lot more blood fills the penis, it gets bigger and an erection also happens.

A cock ring or band is used to trap the blood in the penis. As a result, the enlargement effects are enhanced.

Ultimately, the pressure generated by the penis pump is the key to its effectiveness.

The body cells in penis enlargement are expanded in two ways.

The first way is by expanding each individual cell size (hypertrophy).

cells expanding in pump vacuum.

As air is pumped out of the chamber, a work void is created (vacuum).

That means all the "stuff" inside the chamber has to expand.

Diagram of smooth muscle tissues.
Each penis cell is stretched in the pump.

As a result, your penis cells are trained to grow in men.

Diagram showing how a penis fills with blood causes it to expand.
The penis on the left has lots of blood flowing - the effect of the best penis pump.

The 4 Penis Pump Types

There are four different types of penis pumps, which each have their advantages and disadvantages.

Here is a description of how each one works in detail, so you can pick the one that's right for you.

Water-Based Pumps

About a 10 years ago, the water-based pumps, a.k.a hydro pumps, were available to customers.

Nowadays, this pump is the most popular type because it is proven to be the most safe to use.

Water-based pumps don’t use an air vacuum to rush blood flow to the penis.

Instead, the cylinder is filled with water which creates a safe, but effective negative pressure.

Therefore, penile blood supply is much more consistent in the penis because there is a lack of dangerous air pockets like those that form in air-based pumps.

Additionally, the pressure in hydro pumps is easy to control.

Air-Based Pumps

When pumps first came out, their design was air-based.

What this meant was that the cylinder chamber was filled with only air.

Air was pumped out of the cylinder and pressure was generated in the cylinder.

This is what created the vacuum force.

Though the physics of of the air-based pump is straightfoward, it also has some issues.

For one, blood vessels may rupture.

This was due to the unstable pressure generated by the air-based vacuum force.

Battery powered pumps

These vacuum pumps run on electricity and require batteries to operate.

Due to the electric power, the time required to generate the vacuum force decreases.

As a result, a user can get the enlargement results much quicker.

However, there is a potential safety risk, as these devices can exert too much pressure which can lead to injuries.

If you suffer from musculoskeletal disorders and coordination disorders, you might benefit the most from this type of pump.

That's because there is no need to manually use your hands to make the device work.

Manual Pumps

These pumps are incredibly popular with men who use penis pumps.

The customers like the manual pump because they are simple, safe, and easy-to-use.

Manual pumps designs haven't changed much over time, but nowadays, the quality of materials used in them are simply better and more durable.

Another benefit is that these pumps are inexpensive.

Expensive parts and mechanisms like batteries or water are not required to use manual pumps.

They are a great starting pump for beginners.

Customer Frequently Asked Questions

Is a penis pump device safe for men use?

Answer: Yes. When used correctly.

How long do I have to use a penis pump each day?

Answer: Men should use it for 20 minutes while erect, each day.

Are the best penis pump results permanent?

Answer: Yes, however, you will have to continue to use the pump to maintain the large results.

How long until I see good results from a penis pump?

Answer: Most users report size gains IMMEDIATELY after using the penis pump.

How many times should men use a penis pump device each day?

Answer: We recommend only 1 pump work session, and no more.

Will both flaccid and erect girth increase?

Answer: Yes, both will increase.

If men stop using a penis pump, will men lose their gains?

Answer: No. But you should use a pump at least once a week for good maintenance.

When is the best time of the day to use a penis pump device?

Answer: We recommend men to pump while erect, in the shower, after work, to kill two birds with once stone.

Where is the best place to buy penis pumps?

Answer: You can get Bathmate pumps from the official site here.

Can penis pumps add length gains?

Answer: Yes, to a small extent. The expansive nature of the pump also stretches the penis length-wise.

Will using the best penis pump cure my erectile dysfunction?

Answer: Yes. Your erectile dysfunction symptoms will disappear.

In fact, Cleveland Clinic's Dr. Milton Lakin, also reports positive results from using a pump for ED.

How old do I have to be to use a penis pump?

Answer: Only men over 18 years of age should use penis pumps.

Penis Pumps For Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

There are many erectile dysfunction treatment options, but the use of penis pumps for ED is a very popular solution.

More and more men wants to have a handy device to treat their ED, and ultimately, only wants the best pump from the most trusted manufacturers.

Air-based penis pumps are really attractive since it is the oldest type of pump.

In fact, the air-assisted penis pump was the first erectile dysfunction treatment option to enter the market.

This device utilizes pressure from air pumped out of a cylinder.

In order to use such a device, the male has to force out air in order to generate the vacuum force.

Then the air pressure causes blood to fill the penis shaft in great volume.

When a large volume blood swiftly flows to the flaccid penis, the result is a hard and full erection.

The goal is for the blood to stay in the penis long enough throughout sexual intercourse.

This summarizes how the vacuum pump assists the men with erectile dysfunction in overcoming the challenges getting and maintaining an erection.

The best ED vacuum pumps from the most trusted manufacturers help men who wish to take back the possiblity of having regular sex.

However, this air-based ED pump type can lead to the possibility of injuries.

The reason is because it is quite unstable to keep vacuum force under control.

The resulting injury is typically blisters that appear on the penis shaft.

Penile blood vessel damage is also a possible injury of air-assisted pump use.

These injuries are especially prominent for beginners who tend to pump with too much pressure.

Men who are newbies to pumping don't quite have the proper techinque to use an air-based pump properly.

But even experienced users are not immune to blisters and device misuse.

Are these pumps safe and effective for Erectile Dysfunction?

Penis pumps can definitely help men with erectile dysfunction.


Well, simply use a penis pump device before sex in order to "boost" (enlarge) your erect boner.

That way, men can treat erectile dysfunction, and really get the blood flowing into your penis for a good, large erection.

In fact, even the Translational Andrology and Urology group were able to safely use a pump to complete their penile study.

Water-Based Penis Pumps

The water-based penis pump is a new, highly advanced version of the pump devices for penis pumping.

These pumps have been on the market for nearly 5 years, and are already the most-desired, best-selling options.

Tens of thousands of men have used and benefited from the advancements provided by the Hydromax water penis pump.

These hydro devices almost made air-based pumps obsolete due to the safety action mechanism of the water penis pump.

The key innovation is that the manufacturers of the hydro devices replaced air with water.

Instead, the penis is surrounded by water and is subjected to a more stable, gentle tension. The action is non-invasive - not rough and sharp on the man’s penis.

Additionally, water-based devices ensure a more uniformity of penis shaft blood flow since dangerous air pockets cannot exist in the water pumps unlike the air assisted ones.

One feature that the hydro pumps offer is a safety regulation system.

For example, the HydroXtreme water penis pump operation provides a very safe way to restore a man’s ability to get an erection long enough for having satisfying sexual intercourse.

These pumps are definitely much safer than the air-based pumps.

But they are typically more expensive in price compared to vacuum devices.

Penis Pump Choice

If you are looking to purchase a penis pump, it is critical that you choose a device with a cylinder that can fit your penis inside.

You have to make sure that the device isn't too big or small - otherwise it won't work properly.

A cylinder that is too large will make the penis skin all squished during the pumping session.

A cylinder that is too small doesn’t have enough room to let the penis thickness expand outward.

You also have to make sure that in order to choose the right pump, only pick devices with a pressure relief valve.

It allows you to safely regulate the pressure applied to the penis.

If there is a pressure relief valve installed, a you can use your fingers to release pressure at will.

Controlling pressure, allows you to avoid over pumping and prevents injuries.

Once you buy a pump, make sure before the first use, you clean the device with soap and hot water.

Penis Pump Benefits

Using a penis pump gives men the following benefits:

Improvement of Erectile Function

The penis pump is a reliable option compared to many methods which treat erectile dysfunction - especially if other methods happen to not be effective.

Also, the pump usage may be used in conjunction with ED medications for double the benefits.

The penis pumps are also a solution to impaired erectile function by increasing blood circulation in the penis.

Since pump devices support more blood to flow into the penis, the penile cells receive more oxygen.

Better oxygenation and blood supply support the development of strong, reliable erections that are long enough for a single sexual intercourse event.

On the whole, the man experiences improved bedroom performance.

Penis Enlargement

Penis pumps are popular because of they're used to increase penis size.

Men use these pumps to enlarge their penis because size matters for most men.

It’s one of the only non-invasive methods for penis enlargement.

There is even clinical proof from studies that show penis enlargement due to pumps usage really happens.

There was a study conducted in 2006, by British Journal of Urology International, that showed penis pumps can increase penis size.

During 6 months of the study, men who were unhappy with their penis size used a pump device 3 times per week.

The duration of each pump session was 15 minutes.

After 6 months of doing the study, the doctors found that the average penis length of the male subjects increased by 0.3 cm.

It's recommended that to increase your penis size effectively it’s more prudent to use a more expensive, quality pump.

Money-Saving and Cost-Effective

Even if you choose to buy the most expensive pump, your investment will be repaid very quickly.

The reality is that the mainstream penis enlargement medications, male enhancement, and surgical procedures cost way more and are much harder to use.

Compared to the frequent use of a one-time purchase of a penis pump, the cost is in favor of pump devices.

Not only that, but you can use the pump over and over again whenever you need to get the beneficial results.

Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease

Many studies have verified that the pumps can be helpful for the men who are afflicted by Peyronie’s Disease.

Men with this disease have a curved penis when erect, which also makes the penis shorter.

Men with Peyronie’s also have painful erections.

These problems make their sex life very difficult.

The pumps treat the symptoms of Peyronie’s in men by increasing the penis length.

Increased Sexual Pleasure

The penis pump not only a penis enlargement device, but also a useful tool for enhancing sexual pleasure.

Pumping sessions usually always arouse sexual desire.

A sucking sensation from the device arouses a man to have a higher interest in sex.

It’s an great benefit of every pumping session.

Lower risks compared to other methods

Though the incorrect pump use can still cause penis injuries, this device is actually safer than other enlargement techniques, many of which have numerous adverse effects.

The safety risk of injuries will be minimal if you are careful and operate the pump by following all instructions correctly.

No dangerous invasive procedures required

Whether you choose to use a pump for penis enlargement or erectile dysfunction treatment, you won't be subject to pain and discomfort like those present in invasive surgical procedures.

The University of Cambridge's Well-Being Institute and the International Journal of Endocrinology found that, you will quite easily reach your sexual goals due to an increased blood supply to the penis.

Excellent additional tool

The penis pump complements all other male enhancement methods quite well.

For example, you can actually get incredible results when combining male enhancement pills with pumping sessions.

Because they are different techniques, there is no risk of complications.

Maintenance of Penis Size after Prostate Surgery

Prostate surgery (a prostatectomy), is plagued by one particular unpleasant side effect - the penis size decreases.

Nearly 50% of men who had a prostatectomy suffer from the penis size reduction.

There is a ton of evidence that show the penis pump can help these men restore their penis size after surgery to treat their prostate cancer.

This collection of studies, further prove this beneficial abilities of pumps.

Are Penis Pumps for Old Men Only?

There is one sterotypical belief that only old men need penis pumps.

This sterotype is actually related to another common myth that only men over 40 suffer from sexual disabilities.

However, the truth is that both middle-aged and even young men can suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Thus, the study results published in the 2013 Journal of Sexual Medicine have found that approximately 25% of men aged 20 to 40 experienced the some sexual impairment due to erectile function.

The numbers are much more serious for the middle-aged men over 35 years old.

For middle-aged men, 50% of them suffered from ED symptoms.

As more and more alternatives to ED medications emerge, the popularity of penis pumps continues to grow among men of all ages, old, middle-aged or young.

What to Expect

You can avoid painful surgical procedures and enlargen the penis by using penis pumps.

However, you should expect that the penis enlargement results obtained after use of a pump are temporary.

If you continue to have pumping sessions on a daily basis (or at least 3 times per week), you will maintain your size gains.

But if you stop doing pumping sessions for 5 days or more, you will revert back to your initial penis size.

How to Use Penis Pumps

The procedure to use a penis pump properly depends on their type.

Here are the steps to use the air-based pump:

  1. Slide your flaccid penis into the device.

  2. Ensure an air-tight seal between your pelvis and the device.

  3. Pump the air out of cylinder to generate a vacuum force.

  4. Relax, then re-pump from occassionally for approximately 15 minutes.

  5. After a 15 minute pumping session, release the safety valve in order to disperse the vacuum force.

  6. Take off the device.

Here are the steps to use the water-based pump:

  1. Fill the pump cylinder with warm water.

  2. Slide your penis inside the device.

  3. Form a tight seal between the pelvis and device.

  4. Proceed to press the device against the pubic area to generate pressure in the cylinder.

  5. Maintain the pressure insdie the pump for 10 to 15 minutes.

  6. After 15 minutes of the pumping session, release the valve to disperse the pressure.

  7. Slide the penis out of the device.

  8. Clean and dry up the pump.

Pumping Techniques

Whether you use a hydro pump or an air pump, it’s actually possible to get permanent results.

However, it’s worth to note that successful pumping results is not just dependent on simply sticking the penis into to the device and applying some force to it.

You should learn various of pumping techniques which lead to the maximum penis enlargement efficacy.

If you use these techniques consistently, a permanent penis size increase is mostly guaranteed.

The safest and most effective pumping techniques include:


This is also known as traction wrapping.

Because this technique is so simple, it is easy to perform it.

To do wrapping, wrap the device cylinder with an electric-powered heating pad during a pumping session.

Because this technique creates a warming effect around the penis, the penile blood supply is increased more than usual, and the your manhood is effectively enlargened much more.

For safety, make sure you don't do wrapping for a long time otherwise you risk getting blisters.

You can also do this technique with air-based pumps as well.

Since hydro pumps can provide the warming effect if you fill the device with warm water, additional heating from wrapping is not necessary.

Which Conditions Don’t Impede the Penis Pump Use?

If your goal is to not only increase your penis size measurements, but also optimize your erectile function, you can engage in pumping sessions even if you suffer from the following medical conditions:

  • Complications from Prostate Surgery

  • Incorrect functioning of circulatory system

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Diabetes

These disorders will not prevent you from engaging in the pumping process - you can safely use a pump if you have any of these conditions above.

Penis Pump Risks

Pumping sessions may be fraught with health risks if the pump user doesn’t follow the manufacturer recommendations or uses a low-quality device.

Here are the risks:

  • If you pump too hard, you will most likely damage blood vessels and capillaries in the penis which leads to large bruises on the penis shaft.

  • Permanent penis nerve and tissue damage can occur if you exceed the recommended pumping session time duration.

  • Extended pumping sessions drastically decrease blood supply to the penis. This can lead to penile tissue oxygen starvation from the lack of blood flow. If this happens, there will be no size gains and there is a high chance that the penis will be injured.

  • A intense vacuum force may also cause the tunica albuginea to experience a traumatic rupture. This fibrous tissue located inside the penis shaft is responsible for erection firmness. Damaging it can lead to erectile function issues and even possibly Peyronie’s disease.

  • If an unsafe pressure is applied to the penis, this may cause an artery rupture and the penile blood circulation will be significantly disrupted.

  • Unstable pressures will lead to impaired erectile function which meanas weaker erections.

  • Unsafe over pumping can lead to painful lymph blisters that will appear on the outer penile skin. The time it takes for these blisters to heal is very long, especially if they appear on the glans.

Water-based pumps are considered safer and more comfortable for users.

When Pumping Sessions Can Be Harmful?

If a pump is used for reasons other than the manufacturer purpose specified or when the manufacturer usage guidelines are ignored, they can harm your health.

For example, in one shocking case, the NCBI reported that use of a pump after a Radical Prostatectomy caused complications in the patient.

Additionally, using poor-quality, cheap devices whose safety hasn't been verified can lead to user harm.

It's extremely advisable to choose only quality devices that have a release valve on it in order to control pump pressure and ensure user safety.

By meeting all these safety requirements, you will avoid penile injury, which effectively make every pumping session non-harmful.

But there are still a number cases when it is highly not recommended to use a pump.

You should avoid pumping if you:

  • Take blood thinners at the present moment

  • Experience long-lasting painful erections

  • Suffer from congenital bleeding disorder

  • Have peripheral vascular disease

  • Have coagulation failure

If you ignore these cases and still use the pump, this can result in pain, bruises, and serious negative health consequences.

In this situation were to occur, consult a professional healthcare provider immediately.

Safety Tips

To ensure you're using a penis pump safe and correctly, be sure to follow these safety tips:

  • Warming up is a critical thing to do prior to a pumping session. Warming up is practically required before you start the pumping session. In order to boost blood circulation in the gential area all while decreasing the likelihood of pumping injuries, you need to warm-up. The most common warm-up procedure requires using a towel soaked with warm water and wrapping the towel around the penis for a few minutes. It’s absolutely necessary to do this procedure 3 times. If you use an air-based pump, it’s a good idea to rinse the cylinder with hot water before sticking your penis inside. It's also a good idea to conduct the warm-up steps after the pumping session.

  • Avoid doing quick pumping movements and long session duration in order to prevent penis injuries. Don’t use a constriction ring or strap in excess of 30 minutes to prevent penile trauma. The standard 15 minute session time is more than enough to ensure a firm erection and increase in penis size.

  • Make sure to shave your pubic area because pubic hair can make a pumping sessions ineffective. Pubic hair will degrade the seal which holds the pressure inside the device. The seal is extremely important for generating and maintaining a vacuum. It’s highly recommended to do penis exercises before the pumping sessions in order to prime a better blood flow into the shaft of the penis. Jelqing is also a helpful exercise since a fantastic stimulation of penile blood circulation simulates that of a pump.

  • Patience is key during penis enlargement. Remember, the penis cannot grow faster even if you increase the time duration of your pumping sessions. Each session only last for 15-minutes. The best time to do a pumping sessions is in the morning or at night before you take a shower.

  • You should visit the healthcare professional before you start pumping. This is particularly important if you have allergies, cardiovascular disease, or hypertension. The doctor will professionally recommend to you whether the use of penis pump is not safe or not for your situation.

If you follow these safety tips, you will avoid injury, maintain your health, and reach your penis enlargement goals without issues.

Electric Penis Pumps

The electric penis pump is actually the most technologically advanced pumping device for treating erectile dysfunction in men.

This type of pump is the state-of-the-art type, and therefore, has the less well-known track-record on the market.

But for many males it’s already apparent that the electric pump is the top contender for the most effective, convenient, and easy-to-use device for combating ED.

Of the available options, the best version is the water-assisted electric penis pump.

This hydro device also is also classified as water-based because of the water-filled cylinder operation.

But the difference from the standard water-based penis pump is that it also includes the battery-operated parts.

Battery-operated parts are able to noticably reduce the time required for generating the necessary sucking force.

But it also means that you can get a powerful erection very quickly as a result of the the pumping time decrease.

The electric pumping devices are by far the most expensive versions out of all the other pumps, but their price is justified due to the maximum possible efficacy.

In order to safely use these pumps, it’s necessary to slowly initiate their operation since their electric-powered functionality generates enormous amounts of pressure.

Best Penis Pump Prices

Visiting a healthcare practitioner is not required in order to use a penis pump.

That's because pumps are considered "non-prescription devices" and they are accessible for both erectile dysfunction and penis enlargement treatment.

The typical penis pump prices vary between $20 and $500.

Type, brand, materials, accessories, and availability are all reflected in the device price.

The battery-powered devices are a particularly more costly choice, but such is to be expected because these pumps provide enhanced results and it takes less time.

Not to mention, the battery-powered pumps are easier to use especially for men whose manual coordination has been degraded from disease.

The Final Verdict on Penis Pumps

Due to the function of penis pumps to use vacuum pressure or water to force blood to flow to the penis, these devices are an iconic, non-invasive way to increase penis size.

Men with erectile dysfunction have also benefited greatly from such devices.

There are many types of the penis pumps with varying prices and quality.

There are so many options that a man will surely find the right pump for him given on his budget, preferences, and needs.

But the most important thing is too buy a device from a reputable manufacturer.

These devices are safe and effective as long as the user adheres to the safety recommendations and user guidelines.

Penis Pumps Ranked from Best to Worst

  • Bathmate (Top Penis Pump)

  • Battery vacuum (good)

  • Encore deluxe battery (good for erectile dysfunction)

  • Encore impo aid manual vacuum erection penis pump

  • Manual vacuum erection

  • Timm Osbon erecaid classic manual vacuum

  • Vacurect vacuum erection device

  • Vacuum pumps

  • Vacuum therapy device SM2000


In conclusion, our review concludes that penis pumps are still going strong as girth-providing enlargement solutions for men for one reason:

They work.

Our doctor review has also found that this device is the top treatment for erectile dysfunction in men.

Recent technology has provided us with water-based penis pumps, probably the best penis pump compared to the old air-based pumps.

Whether you're a beginner or veteran to natural penis enlargement methods, you can't go wrong with the top penis pumps for your erection.

If anything, just use it just before sex, and your partner will notice a large difference.