Is a 5 Inch Penis Small? Can You Satisfy women and Can I Get Bigger?

By PhalloGauge Medical

Updated on May 3, 2020

So you correctly measured your penis and you found out it is 5 inches.

Now you're wondering how that will affect your "doing it" life.

Let's find out.

Can you satisfy a woman with a 5 inch penis? It's possible, but unlikely.

Just because something is unlikely doesn't mean you should stop yourself from trying.

However, there's a very real limit, in this case, in terms of physical capacity, of what you can actually do.

Also combine this with the cold hard fact that 30% of female have never experienced a female excitement before.

After all, Having a short one means you can't reach deep inside of her.

Having a skinny "pencil" means you can't rub all her internal "walls" with as much of a "filling force" as other men.

50% of it is capacity, 50% is Skill and Effort

Skill is extremely hard to get good at.

This may be a shocker to you, but you may actually be good at "doing it" (at least compared to the male stars), especially if you only have "doing it" sparingly.

That's not your fault - I know I was also bad at "doing it" for a long period of time - it's just that nobody teaches this stuff in school and you have to jump into the deep-end your first time.

Why? Lack of experience means lack of confidence which results in more lack of experience

The problem is a nasty, circular one.

To get experience, you need to have "doing it". But first, you have to get the confidence to chat up a female and eventually seal the deal. However, the guys that have this confidence are the ones that have "doing it" consistently!

It's sort of like the career experience paradox. Literally all companies are looking to hire someone with 5 years of experience, but you can't get experience in the first place because nobody will hire you for the fact that you have no experience!

It's frustrating.

However, as we'll see in this blog article, there are solutions to having an small 5-inch'er and digging yourself out of the hole so you can thrive.

capacity is incredibly easy and reasonable to obtain.

So we know the odds are stacked against you if you only have a 5-inchs.

With so many middle guys out there, you need to figure out a way to take yourself to the next level if you intend on having any remotely good "doing it" life.

The reason why capacity is so easy to obtain is because all it requires is a consistent effort to do penis stretching exercises to increase your capacity naturally.

If you lack capacity, you can compensate with skill. If you lack skill, you can compensate with capacity.

Think about it.

Skill can go up and it can go down day-to-day, week-to-week. It can also vary depending on the day of the week, or even how your self-esteem is that day.

capacity can stay the same over the months.

However, that's only if you're not putting any effort into natural size growth.

Think size as your stash that you got saved in the bank account. That cash is frozen and always there for you to fall back on when things aren't going so hot.

Essentially, no one can take that away from you, and it only grows with the little time and effort that you deposit into it everyday.

Ideally, you want to have both.

If you're goal is to have great "doing it", then in the long-term it's indisputiably clear that you want both capacity and skill.

It's no question that girls prefer larger "tools" and this has been true for centuries.

That way if, for some reason, you're feeling a bit tired from work, you still want to please your woman who's been waiting for you all day. A big one will have your back and compensate for your lack of vigor or energy when you're having "doing it".

Oh, and it'll feel good too.

This is a big point that guys miss. Having a bigger one means a tighter fit on your cock, so naturally it feels good for both her and you.

piston shaft tight fit with a cylinder

What capacity is the best?

First, measure your thing correctly to see if you're getting the accurate numbers.

Now, the "best" capacity is subjective, but a ballpark estimate is unquestionably more useful than simply saying, "it doesn't matter".

Therefore, the ballpark estimate for bare minimum that all guys should aim for is "above middle" at 6 inches, erect.

The reason, we here on the PhalloGauge team recommend that number as a bare minimum is because it's completely possible for all men to achieve.

That, and it won't take a lifetime to obtain, either.

If I'm already at the bare minimum of 6", do I need to do anything?

Most guys will measure themselves and find out that instead of 5 inches, they are 6 inches.

And then they get complacent with their starting capacity and decide not to do anything.

But this is a huge mistake.

The main reason is because every guy can experience at least 1 inch of "newbie gains" that are ridiculously easy to obtain. Combine this with the fact that every guy has, at minimum, at least 2 inches of capacity increse during their lifetime. Some can achieve more.

These newbie gains are well-documented in many clinical studies.

These newbie gains are simply too easy to not pass up.

The best mindest to have if you're 6 inches is to think to yourself, "I have a head start against the competition."

After all, as we said previously, being bigger means you don't have to be as good and you can compensate for less "doing it" skill.

After all, nobody wants to focus on the technical aspects of hitting the right angles - at that point "doing it" isn't fun, it's a chore.

So you'll be doing yourself a huge favor that will benefit you for a lifetime by getting that easy 1 inch gain. The best part? Since gains are permanment, you only have to get it once and you'll have it for the rest of your life.

The Indisputabile Bad News: If you're below 4 inches, you're below middle.

The average length is 5.5 inches.

I truly feel for you.

For forces of luck were against you. You were simply not blessed in that area.

But I want to be the first one to tell you that it's not your fault.

I could lie to you, and just tell you to be fine with what you're born with.

However, I respect you too much to half-heartedly tell you that.

What females think about your 4 inch'er.

Have you ever heard a woman say: "He's perfect but, I wish he was actually smaller."


Females actually think that guys should be bigger.

In a recent study done by Cosmopolitan magazine, they asked female what they thought what the average 100% hard size of a man is.

Here are the results.

opinion on 5-inch
actual average size

Unfortunately, this data is presented in a way to skew you into thinking that if you're five inches, then you're good to go.

So even in truth, the guys who are 5 inches are still inadequate.

Are females actually satisified with "doing it"?

Here is another statistic from Cosmopolitan on how many female are actually satisfied with their "doing it" lives.

Statisitic on how many female are actually satisified with their doing it lives.

Nearly 60% (add the "Not at all satisfied" to the "Wish it were better") of female are not satisified with their "doing it"! This includes "doing it" with their boyfriend or "doing it" with their husband.

It would have been alright if it was split 50-50 (50% satisfied, 50% unsatisifed) that would have been ok, I guess, but 60%? That's staggering.

A whopping 33% of female have never experienced a culminating excitement event.

That amount is staggering.

What it means for you:

Quite frankly, when you take all these stats and numbers combined, the odds are not in your favor.

Now there's two mindsets you can take from here.

You can either accept it for what it is and do nothing. Or:

You could make the effort to take yourself to become above middle, after all, there's so much opportunity to be above middle, given that nearly 60% of female are dissatisified with the current "doing it" given to them by men.

So you can't help but wonder:

"Why is my thing so little?"

That's probably one of the biggest questions that every guy asks themselves at least one point in their life.

And we're here to give you the exactly biological reasons behind smallness.

After, we give some practical solutions on what you can do about your small size - one of them has been clinically proven to work.

How size growth works.

How the penis grows.

First we need to understand growth.

It grows by using nutrients as food to generate more cells inside the shaft tissue.

However, it does not just grow uncontrollably and without regulation.

It needs a catalyst - something that "triggers" or "causes" it to grow.

It is grown by hormones that are produced by the various glans in the body.

The primary hormone that is needed for growth is testosterone, but there are other auxiliary hormones that contribute to growth as well - like HGH.

All of these hormones are produced by the body naturally, and construction is ultimately obeyed by the genetic code of your male body.

testosterone chemical formula for male-unit growth.
When are these hormones released?

General growth (due to hormonal production) are at their highest peaks during fetal growth (inside your mother's womb), toddler growth, and puberty.

Naturally, you want to optmize the production of these hormones, so these time periods are optimal times to do so.

Can I get more of these hormones?

Short answer, no.

Sure, you can try to optimize your hormonal production during the certain stages of your life like, in puberty, but for a lot of guys these stages are long gone.

The best way to do this, is to make sure you get enough sleep and are nourshing your penis with enough food.

After all, you can't grow something out of nothing!

The hormones will trigger the cells to grow and the macro and micro nutrients from food will actually be used to build more cellular penile tissue.


So you have a little one. Or maybe you just have one whose size you're not content with.

Not only that, but you're already past puberty, so you aren't getting the hormonal growth boosts.

You feel stuck.

Despite this reality, there are some actual things that you can do to increase your size permanently.

Oh, and they work.

That's right, you heard me correctly - some of these methods have already been verified through clinical studies.

The best part of it all? It doesn't require altering your hormonal profile or getting into anything dangerous like HGH injections.

Here's how increase capacity if you're too little:

Traction Devices

The track-record of extenders can be found in these documented penis extender results.

In other words, highly controlled studies were done in medical facilities all around world to verify their results.

And the results are all decisively positive.

So what are they?

They are tools that hold your unit in a stretched state, known as the "traction position" to trigger cell hyperplasia - a fancy word for cell duplication.


This method is not particularly new, however.

In fact, the traction principle has utilized in plastic surgery long before extenders existed. And we know how poopular and effective plastic surgery is!

By applying the exact same principles, the end result is permanent length gains for the rest of your life.

Oh, and it's really easy to do and doesn't hurt at all!

Stretching Exercises

Stretching exercises are a bit interesting.

The reason being that they are not clinically proven (no data has been collected on their effectiveness, simply because no studies have ever been done), but they aim to emulate the traction device.

That is their justification - they are trying to copy what extenders (something that has been proven to work), do.

The subject on exercise effectiveness is debatable (and extenders are not debatable).

That's because the exercises are done by using your hands and cost you no money.

All you need is a private place and about 20 minutes a session.

To see our full guide on the different penis stretching exercises, here.


Jelqing has not been clinically proven to work, but it has countless testimonials advocating it's effectiveness.

So what is it?

Jelqing involves using your index and thumb finger to push blood into the penis while having a semi-hard erection.

The increase in pressure from the blood expands the corpora cavernosa (the spongy center) and increases girth.

Continuous training using this method triggers the tissues to adapt to this change, with the result being permanent capacity increases.

Feel free to learn more about jelqing here.


Unfortunately, pumps do not permanently increase capacity, but they create a massive girth expansion for a few hours.

Therefore, they are extremely useful to use a few hours before you expect to have "doing it".

Recently, we've seen the popularity of "water-based" pumps rise due to their higher safety quality than their air-based counterparts.

bathmate pump

Final Verdict

So here, we answered the big question: "Why is my penis so little?"

It's because you simply did not get enough hormones to trigger more growth in your younger years.

That and you can blame your genetics.

But do not despair, as we gave an overview of the popular size increasing methods that guys are using to compensate for those lost years of natural growth.

Not only that, but methods like the extender device have been clincally proven to work.

So even if you did not have capacity going for you from the beginning, there's literally an "out" now for you to take advantage of.

If you're looking to add a reasonable .7 inches through natural stretching, hyperplasia, and traction principles already used in plastic surgery methods - you may be interested in our extender that thousands of men already use.

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