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What I Liked and Didn't Like About the PeniMaster Pro

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Updated on March 17, 2020

What is the PeniMaster Pro?

The PeniMaster Pro is a penis extender that utilizes both a vacuum and rod design to keep the penis an the standard "traction state" to trigger cell hyperplasia and increase length permanently.

It is manufactured and distributed from Berlin, Germany.


  • Bulb

  • PeniMaster bulb part
  • Hose

  • PeniMaster Hose Part
  • Adhesive Gel

  • PeniMaster Adhesive Gel Part
  • Rod Frame

  • PeniMaster Rod Frame part
  • Spring-Rods

  • PeniMaster Rods Part
  • Belt

  • PeniMaster Belt Part

How to Put On the PeniMaster Pro

Unfortunately, the Penimaster is a pretty complicated device to use.

That's because it is made out of many parts and has many steps that it takes to put on.

Let's understand how to put it on by using the parts described above.

  1. Apply the adhesion gel to the inner part of the bulb.

  2. Fasten the hose to the top of the bulb.

  3. Stick the head of your penis inside the bulb.

  4. Insert the sealing plug on the hose.

  5. Fasten the base part around the base of your penis shaft.

  6. Adjust the rods or install the correct rods to apply the right tension.

  7. Fix the bulb into the top of the rod frame.

  8. Angle the device.

  9. Or instead of using the rod-based frame, just use the elastic belt instead.

  10. Put your pants back on and continue with your day.

While I laid out these steps, the simple fact is, most of the steps will take more than 30 seconds to accomplish.

penimaster pro instructions

This means that it will take at least 2 minutes to put on the device properly. Can you do this every day? This more time than it takes to brush your teeth every day.

What it's Like to Wear it.

When I'm wearing it it feels pretty similar to the pro-extender penis extender.

It's fairly comfortable when sitting - but when walking around it gets a little less, but still manageable.

If you wear it using the belt system instead of the rod-frame, then it feels just like the PhalloGauge or the PhalloSan extenders.

Generally, there's no pain and it gives a good stretch.


It works pretty well.

From a purely functional standpoint, the PeniMaster does it's job.

That is, it keeps your penis in the fully elongated position and there if your penis does tend to slip, it's pretty rare.

It's nice looking.

The white parts look really nice and are definitely well made.

While most guys won't care too much about the looks because it will be under your pants and the primary concern is whether it stays on and works, it's nonetheless a nice touch.


The single biggest con that I can identify is the need to use an adhesion gel with the bulb.

For some this may become a deal killer.

Let me explain.

You have to take the gel everywhere you go and remember to bring it.

Because the adhesion gel is literally a requirement to use this penis extender, you have to carry a tube of that gel everywhere you go and everywhere you might imagine putting on and taking off the device.

Say you forget it one day when you go to work - well, at that point, you've pretty much lost out on a whole day of penis extender usage - and we all know how much time it takes to get results.

I mean you could go home and fetch the gel, but for some to go all the way home and back to work/play/meeting/etc. it's pretty much not possible.

Additionally, the gel usage substantially adds on time that it takes to put on the penis extender.

You have to squirt it in the bulb, rub it around with your finger, close the gel tube, then finally fit your penis tip into the bulb.

On avergae, it took me about 2 minutes each time to do these steps - even more when I was in an inconvenient environement.

You also have to wash your finger when you're done applying the gel.

Or, you could wipe it on your pants - but, I prefer to keep my clothes clean.

cleaning penimaster pro

Why am I so big on usability?

Because it matters.

It's the difference between results and failure.

If the device is not user-friendly, it becomes a hassle to use and you simply shelf it. The end result? No gains and wasted money.

The only way to solve this problem is to make it so easy for the user to use that there's literally no excuse not to use it.

There are many parts and there is risk of them breaking.

The PeniMaster is a fairly complex device.

When it arrives, there are many parts that it comes with and some assembly is required.

Not only, that but there are risk of these parts breaking or wearing overtime.

While this can pose troubles in the future, there are always options on their website to re-purchase replacement parts if the need arises.

These parts range from 6€ ($6.51 USD) to 69€ ($74.91 USD) depending on which part you buy. This does not include shipping, so expect that price to be a little higher.

It's manufactured and distributed from Germany.

german flag

For those that live in Germany, this is actually a pro.

However, the majority of us - those probably reading this review - it is definitely a con.

There's an extra layer of hassle that is associated with importing products to the United States (who pays the shipping, what parts of the shipping are covered {free on board, etc.}, making sure it will pass customs, extra price for shipping to a foreign country).

Tbe rod-based system still has the same problem of bulging out of the pants.

This con is not a problem that is exclusive to the PeniMaster.

It's a problem that is inherent and inescapable for all rod-based extenders that point straight outwards.

While the angling does mitigate this issue, somewhat, certain angles are uncomfortable to walk in, and restrict you to just sitting down.

I might also mention that the number of sitting positions that you can have (like if you like your legs crossed for example) are impossible to do with rod-based extenders.

Try any "non-compliant" position and you'll risk your penis slipping out of the extender.

Edemas on the glans

This is a very real risk with all penis extenders that use a bulb to try and create a vaccum seal around the penis glans (mushroom tip).

If the vacuum is too tight, then water starts to build up in certain areas of the glans creating a edema-like blister that looks like a bump filled with fluid.

See our chapter in our penis extender guide to learn more about edemas.

Final Verdict

If you can deal with the long setup and removal time, the PeniMaster may be a good choice for you.

That's because all extenders provide the same results in the same amount of time.

No single machine can make you grow faster or slower than another device.

That being, said, there are simpler options out there that can provide the same results and are much easier to use.

The PeniMaster is great if you live in Germany and you're want to buy local.

However, for those that live in other countries, particularly the United States, where we are based, you may find the customs and import laws to be burdening and horrendous.