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Best Penis Extenders of 2019: Customer Reviews of Approved Products

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Updated on June 27, 2019

Penis extenders are products that apply the concept of "penis traction" to lengthen the penis permanently.

In this article, we're going to review the best penis extenders available for purchase online.

Top Penis Extenders Ranked from Best to Worst

  1. PhalloGauge Penis Extender

  2. SizeDoctor

  3. SizeGenetics

  4. Phallosan Forte

  5. Penimaster Pro

  6. Quick Extender Pro

  7. Male Edge

  8. Jes Extender

  9. X4 Labs

This ranking was based on votes and survey responses that were conducted in conjunction with our medical doctor reviews.

#1. PhalloGauge Penis Extender

The PhalloGauge Penis Extender glamor shot

Here are the reasons why it is one of the best penis extenders for length:

  • It is completely invisible when worn.

  • It is one-size-fits all. No tightening or loosening sizing problems.

  • Designed for both circumcised and uncircumcised men (double-grip technology).

  • Awesome, unbeatable price.

The PhalloGauge Penis Extender glamor shot
The PhalloGauge eliminates slippage with, stretchy silicone "double-grip" wrap technology.

To see more reasons on how the PhalloGauge penis extender has improved upon length size technology check out this page here.

At $115, there's no denying that the attractive price of the PhalloGauge is the best of all the best penis extending devices.

Clinical Study Results Available?

#2. PhalloSan Forte

PhalloSan is similar to PhalloGauge but is definitely not the best penis extender.

Phallosan uses a vacuum condom to hold the penis glans in place to extend.

Issues I found with the PhalloSan.

Some male user reviews have reported irritation and at the tip of the penile glans due to the Phallosan vacuum.

The Phallosan vacuum is a neat idea, however, some men's penises are just too sensitive and can't handle it.

For this reason, we cannot accept it as the best penis extender.

Here we cut open the pieces of the Phallosan for analysis.
Here, we cut open the parts of the PhalloSan to see what it is made of.

Vacuum Condom Penile Sizes are Functionally Questionable.

PhalloSan extenders come in 3 different silicone sizes - small, medium, and large.

For example, I chose a "medium" size because "small" size was way too tight on my penis and it was painful.

One problem I soon found, is that men might actually fit between sizes.

For example, I fit between a small and medium Phallosan silicone part size.

As a result, the extender kept slipping off.

This is a problem that that doesn't happen with the best penis extenders.

Finding one best size is a challenge.

Does PhalloSan Have the Best Price? Heck no.

Phallosan is well over $300. Yikes.

And that doesn't even include shipping costs (which are also high because they ship from Switzerland.

Given the penis issues I ran into, it is hard to truly recommend this extender to men. Don't buy.

Official Website: https://www.phallosan.com/

Clinical Study Results Available?

#3. SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics is actually not that bad. But is still definitely not the best penis extender.

Sizegenetics is essentially a size toy like the Jes Extender and X4labs extenders.

But the SizeGenetics is more popular than the x4labs extenders.

There are a few penis problems with Sizegenetics.

In fact, it's probably the best one out of the old length extenders.

One thing we will say is that the noose system is probably the most comfortable out of the rod extenders.

The $200+ price point is a bit tough though.

Extender Parts and Material Quality Are Important.

SizeGenetics rod are made out of steel.

The toy plasic device parts that make up the frame of the extender are decent. The springs are also decent.

Like all toy springs, they will eventually wear out so a replacement SizeGenetics may be required.

Not ideal for the best penis extender review rating, though.

0 Customer Reviews

Clinical Study Results Available?

#4. The PeniMaster Pro Extender

The Penimaster Pro extender is an interesting, and uniquely comfortable extender device. It is manufactured in Germany, and as such, the quality is quite high.

How it works: The extender uses it's top suction headpiece part to attach to your penis glans. Once attached, it stretches your penis by deploying the belt system or extension rods.

These dual capabilities is unique only to the PeniMaster Pro extender.

Based on other verified customer reviews, we can report that the PeniMaster Pro has satisfied many users.


  • Fits all penis sizes (length and girth). With its dual-rod system, the Penimaster Pro can accommodate many different shapes and sizes of penises while simultaneously providing a large tension settings range.

  • Fantastic flexibility - Use it as a normal extender with rods or as an all-day stretcher with the tugging belt system. Users can also opt to apply weights to the device.

  • Works with different penile glans shapes - There is a varied choice of headpieces, which provides the user many variable fitting sizes to accommodate men with large and small glans. This part will also work for men with uncircumcised and circumcised penises. These parts also come with protection for the frenulum.

  • 24-Hour Comfort - You’ll be using vacuum bulb-piece and headpiece, instead of hard nooses and plastic straps that can bruise your penis skin from rubbing. This feature of the Penimaster Pro makes it able to be used for at least 8 hours each day.


  • Extra parts are required - The latex parts and diaphragms rubber parts must to be replaced every 14 days, especially for those who are using Penimaster Pro for at least 8 hours a day.

  • If you prefer a more laidback pressure control functionality, you may opt to buy the additional air hose part.

  • Very Expensive - The Price is €289 for the whole system (which includes rods, belts, headpiece, base, and bulb pump)

Warranty: 1 year.

Expected Growth: Min: Adds 0.75 inches in length when used for at least 500 hours.

Money-Back guarantee: 2 Weeks.

Manufacturer: MSP Concept GmbH & CO. KG. (Germany)

0 Customer Reviews

Clinical Study Results Available?

No Clinical Study Results Published.

#5. The Quick Extender Pro

This is a prototype extender model which uses two rods to perform penile traction therapy.

Unlike the Phallosan Forte and PeniMaster Pro, it does not utilize vacuum suction to hold and a belt system to stretch.

Regardless, comfort is still present thanks to its novel two-strap system. Not only that, but it is also much quicker and simpler to take off and put on.

Based on other verified Quick Extender Pro reviews, they have reported high user-satisfaction.


  • Accommodates all penis sizes. It can fit to any penis length by adjusting the two rods.

  • Marginal boosts in wearability and comfort. Of the many extenders with rods, the Quick Extender Pro demonstrates shows its comfort features by way of the "Dual Strap System". It’s a comfort feature unique to this extender brand. It works by spreading the tension across the tip and along shaft.

  • Medical Grade Materials: Lightweight plastics and aluminum. Users won't feel any weight when wearing the Quick Extender Pro. This extender is also safe for men with allergic reactions, so it can be used for a long time.


  • Expensive Price: $119 (Value Pack) to $350 (Deluxe Pack)

  • Lacks the comfort provided by belt-stretching extender types, especially if you expect to sleep and use this extender simultaneously.

  • Lacks Memory Foam - as a result, it may be too harsh on the penis skin.

Warranty: Forever.

Money-Back guarantee: 6 Months after Purchase.

Manufacturer: The Quick Extender Pro Corporation

1 Customer Reviews

Expected Growth: Min: Adds 1.2 inches in length when used 8 hours each day after about 5 months. Minimal girth increase of 0.5 inches reported.

Clinical Study Results Available?

No Clinical Study Results Published.

#6. The Male Edge Extender

This is a Type 2 Medical Device extender model made by scientists in Denmark.

Unlike the Quick Extender Pro and X4 Labs Extender, it does not use a clamp part to hold the tip of the penis.

Regardless, sizing is still present thanks to its medical quad-strap system. Not only that, but it is also fairly simpler to attach to your pelvis.

Based on other verified Male Edge reviews, some have reported average user-satisfaction.


  • Accommodates a wide range of penis sizes. It can adjust to any penis girth by adjusting the position of the two rods.

  • Fairly good in the qualities of wearability and comfort. Of the many clinical extenders, the Male Edge shows that it can compete with the other ones on the market. It has comfort features that the other extender brands lack. It works by distributing the stretching force along whole length of the penis, as recommended by urologists.

  • Scientifically Proven Materials: It is made out of various ABS plastics. Users won't feel any pelvic tension when wearing the Male Edge. This extender is also safe for men who are sensitive to harmful materials and chemicals.


  • Very Expensive Price: $149 (MaleEdge Basic) to $199.99 (MaleEdge Pro)

  • It lacks the inspirational design provided by the other extenders in this review, especially because it's design is basic and ordinary.

  • Lacks Cushioning Foam - the consequence of this is that, it may be too rough on the skin of the penis.

Warranty: A few months.

Double Money-Back guarantee: A few months after purchase.

Manufacturer: Official MaleEdge Store

0 Customer Reviews

Expected Growth: Min: Adds 0.55 inches in length when used 6 hours each day after about 4 months. Minimal girth increase of 0.32 inches, clinically documented.

Clinical Study Results Available?

No Clinical Study Results Published.

#7. The Jes Extender

This extender was probably one of the first penis extenders on the market.

It was the first to utilize the dual-rod traction system.

However, it's design is mostly outdated and the newer extenders are more technologically advanced.

Jes Extender Standard Price: $229

2 Customer Reviews

Clinical Study Results Available?

No Clinical Study Results Published.

For our 2019 top penis enlargement review, these penis extending devices are the perfect tools to use that will guarantee your average lengthening success using penis extension.

We have just rated and reviewed high quality penis extenders for your use in 2019 that will make you feel like a million bucks.

In our review, we reviewed the PhalloGauge, PhalloSan, SizeGenetics, ProExtender, Penimaster Pro, Quick Extender Pro, Jes Extender and X4 Labs Extender.

Let's face reality, who the hell is going to wear this wretched thing on their dick for 4 hours a day if it isn’t 100% effective and comfortable?

Thankully, things are different now.

They are awesome for penis size training because they allow you to stretch for more hours per day without affecting your day-to-day lifestyle.

These top best traction extenders methods have been clinically proven to enlarge because all men are the same - it should work for you as well.

While these extenders are well-design products, you might be interested in making your own homemade penis extender.

Or check out the best penis stretcher: PhalloGauge Penis Extender, which was designed by our medical doctors for your user experience (results, comfort, stealth, best price).

Penis extenders work by holding the penis in a stretched state for a 4-6 hours each day to trigger lengthening and growth over the course of months.

What other guys think about these products:

Percentage of passionate men with high sex appeal for man after 4 months of penis extender usage.

Total number and percentage of disappointed men after extender usage study.

Terms: Do penis extenders work? One awesome research study published journal evidence to analyze an increase to enlarge a large extension is to extend the penis using enlargement plus male size fantastic price.

Fact Checked: Although product recommendations are only customer review opinions, this scientifically research-backed review has been fact-checked and reviewed by a certified urologist and university health specialist.

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"Hey man, I got you free shipping on the PhalloGauge - on the house."
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