By Dr. Jeff Ferrara

Updated on October 24, 2018

So, Do Penis Exercises Actually Work?

Answer: They Might.


Because when you do exercises (like these), the penis experiences something called cell hyperplasia - which is the body's adaptation to the resistance training presented by exercises.

This is similar to lifting weights (although not exactly the same).

The human body adapts to changes in so many different ways, and penis exercise is just one of them.

Evidence that Penis Exercise May Work

The PhalloGauge Medical team conducted a 3-month, 7 male-subject study on one penis exercise called jelqing.

Some men gained size doing this penis exercise, while some did not see much change.

You can read more about the results of this study here.

The scientific reason why they may work:

This is because exercises are thought to trigger cell hyperplasia in the penile cells.

Hyperplasia is cell duplication that creates more mass in the body part.

Hyperplasia, which is simliar to hypertrophy is the body's natural response to resistance applied to the human body.

The only difference is that hypertrophy is when each individual cell body increases in size but does not duplicate like in hyperplasia.

Hypertrophy is most commonly experienced when doing weight training exercises, like that in a gym.

So why does the penis experience cell hyperplasia, and not hypertrophy?

This is because the penis is composed of "soft-muscle" tissue cells.

The muscles in your arms and legs are standard muscle cells.

Soft-muscle tissue cells cannot grow in size, so they have to duplicate in resopnse to strain and resistance.

Your earlobes are another example of soft-muscle tissue cells.

Soft-muscle tissue cells are also known as smooth-muscle tissue cells.

Do Exercises Help With Erection Hardness?

I can answer this definitively: No.

Stretching exercises do not help here.

However, jelqing may naturally push more blood into the penis, and thus, help with an erection temporarily.

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, I highly recommend that you do not do penis exercises to attempt to treat your ED.