The Top 7 Foods to Increase Penis Size (Length and Girth Gains)

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Updated on February 1, 2019

salmon, onion, and banana

Did you know that some natural foods combined with penis exercises can actually help to increase penis size bigger?

But the best place to start is with what you put in your mouth everyday.

Here are the top 7 foods for penis enlargement to increase penis size.

How to Enlarge Penis With Food

First, what allows a penis enlargement food to increase penis size?

One large, important factor:

The food must help improve blood circulation throughout your body.

That also includes your penis.

Now let's get into the top 7 foods that grow your penis size bigger:

Here's how to enlarge your penis size with food.

The foods that can help your penis grow big and large are:


onions stock photo
Onions improve blood circulation (esp. to the penis).

Onions are great food to increase penis size.

Research shows that onions are great for creating healthy blood flow circulation throughout the body to the heart.


Onions contain sulfur which acts as a natural blood thinner.

As a result, increasing onion consumption helps prevent blood clotting which ultimately helps size.

But what people seldom realize is that onions help not only blood flow to the heart, but also with blood flow to the penis to make it bigger.


example of a salmon for eating
Salmon is rich in the highly-desired Omega-3 fatty acids

Like we touched on in the case with onions, foods that generate a healthy blood flow are proven to help men attain stiffer, bigger erections.

Salmon is a perfect food to increase penis size.

Salmon is big in Omega-3 DHA and EPAs fatty acids.

These fats also increase sex drive in each man.

According to this big study, Omega-3 fatty acids are great for thinning blood, which helps generate a healthier blood flow.

But does size enlargement work?

Here are the 2018 laboratory size results from 7 male volunteers who used penis stretcher devices:


Bananas are a food that can help penis size.
Bananas boost your heart health and create bigger blood flow.

Bananas are another great food to increase penis size.

Good for your heart and for your blood flow, bananas are our #1 recommended food for big penis enlargement size gains.

The same concept with the previous two foods applies here as well.

Bananas are rich in potassium which have been proven to lower blood pressure.

...And thus promote healthier circulation throughout the body, and penis.

Are penis enlargement foods enough for natural penis size growth?

Yes and no.

It's no question these foods are good to eat for minor size gains, improved penis health and sex drive.

But is it enough to make your penis bigger?

Not really.

See, the nutrition health aspect must be combined with a size training device to make any significant penis size gains.

This means also using a penis extender or a penis pump - where we, PhalloGauge Medical, has been rated the #1, top place to buy these essential devices online, for the 3rd year in a row:

I want to use a:

bigger penis size
PhalloGauge Medical Lab, Male Subject #7: Used a penis extender + foods. Significant size gain.

The most successful sexual men are those that take advantage of every single method that can enlarge the penis bigger for sex.

However, if you're a man looking for a product to increase penis size for you automatically, you may be interested in the PhalloGauge extender device, found here.

Other Natural Foods for Large Penis Growth in Men

We just gave you the top 3 whole penis enlargement foods to increase size for sex and sexual encounters.

Here are 4 more herbs and spices men can use in their health diet for penis enlargement.

It's also not surprising that a lot of these next enlargement foods are ingredients in this recipe of erection tea.

These foods are also great for penis enlargement because they thin your blood which increases blood flow, which helps penis size.

Also, these next foods don't spoil so men can use as much as they want of them!

They are:

  • Tumeric

  • Ginger

  • Cinnamon (sex benefits)

  • Cayenne peppers


Tumeric shaker
Tumeric powder

The main health ingredient is curcumin and is well-known to prevent clotting in favor of blood thinning in men.


Ginger shaker
Ginger powder.

Ginger contains salicylate which produces acetyl salicylic acid which also keeps blood from clotting in men. It also makes your penis bigger.


Cinnamon sticks and powder
Cinnamon powder.

Cinnamon contains courmarin - a powerful chemical that acts as a sex anticoagulant.

Anticoagulants decrease blood pressure and sexual relieve inflammation as well.

However, cinnamon should be used in low moderation - just at a teaspoon to your morning coffee.

This is easy to do if you go to Starbucks a lot since every Starbucks has cinnamon at the counter.

Eat no more than 2 teaspoons per day to avoid large liver damage.

Cayenne peppers

Cayenne pepper shaker
Cayenne pepper powder.

Cayenne peppers, like ginger also contain a large amount of salicylates.

As a result, these peppers can thin blood, lower blood pressure, and increase circulation throughout the body (and especially to your penis).

Cayenne pepper can easily be stored as a powder in your pantry.

That means there's no excuse for it being missing from your kitchen.

After all, you can literally throw it on any food, especially meat that you may prepare at home.

How to Increase Penis Size with Penis Enlargement Foods: Conclusion

These foods are the best foods for penis health and penis enlargement.

They all have health nutrients that increase blood flow and penis health - important factors to increase size and performing your best, sexually.

Foods are just one small part - here's all the rest of the enlargement techniques:

"Hey man, here are the free penis exercises to combine with your foods."
Kind regards, Dr. Matsumoto

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"Hey man, here are the free penis exercises to combine with your foods."
Kind regards, Dr. Matsumoto

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