Jelqing for Length
How to Modify Your Jelqing Technique to Target Length Gains

By PhalloGauge Medical

Published on October 16, 2018

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Quick Recap on the Standard Jelqing Technique

(Here's how to do standard jelqing.)

How to Jelq for Length

First, we're assuming you already know how to do jelqing.

Now change your jelqing technique in the following ways:

  1. At the end of each stroke, "pull" more on your penis.

  2. Jelq in as many angles as possible.

  3. Do penis stretching exercises instead.

Now I'll talk about these 3 points in detail.

1. Add more pulling to your jelq.

How do you do this?

At the end of the stroke, when your fingers reach the base of the glans, squeeze your fingers to grip your penis tighter and pull.

You should feel a stretch at the base of your penis shaft.

You should even feel the stretch in your pelvis in the penis that is located inside your body, beneath your pelvis.

2. Jelq in multiple angles.

If you're used to jelqing in direction, time to shake things up.


Do this by stroking your penis in different angles.


By doing a jelq stroke at a different angle, you're targeting a different part ligament in the penis.

For example, if I jelq to the left, then the right side of my penis gets a stronger stretch.

If I jelq to the right, then the left side of my penis gets more of the stretch instead.

3. Using a penis extender instead.

Did you know that penis extenders are clinically certified to work?

Go here to see the before and after photos of popular penis extender devices:

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4. Doing Penis Stretching Exercises Instead

But I thought you can just jelq for length?

Why should I do stretching exercises instead?

Because it's simply more appropriate to do so.

Think about it.

Jelqing is more of a stroking exercise.

But now we're modifying it to add more of a pulling motion to it.

Why not actually do the existing exercises that specifically pull on the penis?

Here, it's penis stretching exercises you really want to do, especially if you're looking for length gains.

Overall, Does Jelqing Work?

But a question I literally get hundreds emails a week is:

"Dr. Ferrara, does jelqing work?"

screenshot of question asking whether jelqing works or not.

You may be surprised with my experimental results from my 3 month study.

The short answer?

It's complicated.

I can say for 100% certain it is not the best size technique.

So if you want faster size results, I think there is a much more reliable method you should use instead.