The Penilizer Jelqing Device Review

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Updated on March 30, 2020

The Penilizer is a jelqing device.

This article will serve as our honest review of the jelqing device.

In short, the review for this jelqing device will be fairly positive and are happy to review it.

What is the Penilizer Jelqing Device?

The Penilizer Jelqing Device is a clamp with handles that contains a silicone surface that is squeeze onto your penis.

You can change the amount of squeezing force that is applied to your penis by squeezing harder on lighter on the handles.

Once you add water-based lubricant to your penis, you use the Penilizer jelqing device to clamp onto your penis, and stroke outwards from the base of your shaft to the base of your tip.

the penilizer jelqing device

Why Should I Use this Jelqing Device?

I was personally, a little skeptical to use this jelqing device at first. I mean, why not just do jelqing where you can save yourself the ~$35 of buying the Penilizer and get the same results, right?

But, because PhalloGauge is dedicated to bringing you the best devices in penis enlargement, we decided to try out and review this device to see if it was worth the $35 or so that you're paying for.

In short yes, and we will see why.

If you're already familiar with jelqing, then you'll know that jelqing consists of using an "OK finger grip" to squeeze and stroke your penis, pushing blood throughout your whole shaft to achieve girth gains.

One of the biggest attractions of jelqing, especially for beginners in penis enlargement is that it's free, so there's practically no risk to start jelqing.

Now enter the penilizer jelqing device.

The biggest benefit that I couldn't help but notice when using the Penilizer is that you don't have to get your hands all wet and sticky as you normally would when jelqing.

That's because the jelqing device's silicone surface is the only thing that's touching your penis - not actually your hands.

Now, that may not seem like a big deal, but for me, I had a hard time getting myself to stick with my jelqing sessions because of the fact that I would be getting my jelqing hands sticky and that would be slightly uncomfortable.

Obviously, you know you can wash your hands after, so you would think that it's not a big deal, but this simply uncomfortable fact sometimes prevents guys from taking that extra effort to not miss a jelqing session.

Remember, if you plan on doing 5 jelqing sessions a week, but happen to miss one because you don't feel like getting your hands sticky from the lube one day, then you're missing 1 out of 5 sessions, or effectively 20% of your results.

That's where the Penilizer can help, because you'll know that with every jelqing session with the Penilizer, you'll keep your hands dry and the clean up is much easier.

How to Use the Penilizer Jelqing Device

There are actually a couple of ways on how to use this jelqing device.

First of all, you can use it sitting up or standing down - however, these are minor details.

The Upward Penilizer Jelqing Stroke

upward stroke using the penilizer jelqing device

The Outward Penilizer Jelqing Stroke

outward stroke using the penilizer jelqing device

The Downward Penilizer Jelqing Stroke

downward stroke using the penilizer jelqing device

Rotating the Angle of the Penilizer Jelqing Device to get a blood flow variation

As we have described previously the importance of blood flow for penis enlargement, getting the blood to flow throughout all parts of your penis is essential to a complete penis training program.

With the Penilizer, this task is much easier acomplished. It can be done by simply rotating the penilizer around your penis so that you're changing the direction of the squeezing on your penis.

Remember, this device has to major clamps, so it's easy to rotate it around your shaft for ultimate variation in the squeezing force.

While you can sort of do this with regular jelqing, it's hard to get certain angles because you would have to contort and twist your hand and fingers in uncomfortable positions. The penilizer solves this issue (to some extent).

Fast, Machine-Gun Jelqing Strokes Becomes Way Easier with the Penilizer

One jelqing technique that we coined here at PhalloGauge is called machine gun jelqing and simply put, it consists of very fast rapid, jelqing strokes to maximize your jelqing session efficiency.

What to Expect When Using the Penilizer

When you unpackage the Penilizer, you will notice that it's just one jelqing device and no extra parts, so that's a good start. No need to keep track of different parts so it doesn't introduce any annoying responsibilities.

Another thing to expect is that there is no spring force that is applied to the device. That means when you open it up to place your penis inside of it, it's not going to automatically clamp back down on your penis - you have to close it manually.

While that's not inherently a bad thing, it's just somethign to expect - there's no springs in this device.

The silicone surface that is the part that is actually touching your penis is about medium-soft. It feels nice to the touch and shouldn't irritate your penis shaft skin in any way.

Jelqing Device: Conclusion

The Penilizer Jelqing device is overall a very useful jelqing device to have.

I was very skeptical on buying it at first, because I thought: "Why would you need this when jelqing is completely free and easy to do?"

Additionally, I thought that jelqing provided the best form of penis milking exercise, but that was definitely not the case once I tried the Penilizer.

You can get variable squeezing forces, more comfortable angles to jelq at, and less stress on your hands compared to regular jelqing.

Additionally, you won't have to get your hands sticky from the lube that you'll be using and clean up of the jelqing device is also ridiculously easy - just wash with water.

We're confident that you too will like this jelqing device and take your jelqing to the next advanced jelqing level.

Preping for a Penilizer Session

Lubricant - an absolute must.

The first thing you want to get a hold of is some lubricant.

Water-based lubricant works the best.

Not only that, but it's the safest to use because it doesn't irritate the skin, is fairly clean, and won't sting if it gets into your urethra (penis hole).

The Basic Penilizer Stroke

Here are the steps to do one Penilizer stroke - it's very similar to jelqing!

See our full guide on jelqing here.

  1. Take the Penilizer jelqing device in one hand and place the clamp around your mostly-erect penis (70-90% hardness).

  2. Using your other hand apply pressure onto the clamp, clamping down onto the base of your penis.

  3. Maintaining that same pressure, slide the Penilizer outwards, towards the tip of your penis.

  4. Stop the stroke at the base of the glans (top of the shaft, just before the mushroom tip).

  5. That completes one repetition - repeat.

Other tips and considerations when using the Penilizer Jelqing Device.

Reversing Hands

This is actually a fairly important thing to know how to do because of the simple fact:

Optimal pressure and angles can be applied by simply switching the hand grip.

This means that if you typically use your right hand in the oval handle grip - it would be worthwhile to rotate the device 180 degrees and use your left hand instead.