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Does Jelqing Work? The Effects of Jelqing Scientifically Explained

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Updated on May 28, 2019

Wondering if jelqing works?

So you've heard about jelqing (one of the many penis exercises) because it can lead to enhancing size and treating erectile dysfunction.

In this article, we're going to cover:

  • What jelqing is.

  • Does jelqing work or not.

  • What doctors say about it.

What is Jelqing?

Jelqing is a shaft-stroking penis enhancement exercise that men do to train the penis with the intention to increase penis size.

It involves applying pressure and pulling the penis in a milking-like motion to enlarge and increase blood flow.

Jelqing is typically done with lubricants to make it easier and effective.

Check out our step-by-step tutorial to learn how to jelq (and the best jelqing routine).

penis enlargement exercise demonstration.

But does jelqing work?

Here are the jelqing results from our 7 male study who our doctors measured and collected penis size data on in 2018:

Is Jelqing Safe?

According to most doctor opinions on jelqing, for the most part, yes - it is safe.

However, just with any type of exercise, overdoing it can be harmful.

As Dr. Jennifer Wider, M.D., puts it:

"(Jelqing) can lead to pain, irritation, scar formation, and blood vessel tears."

Jelqing damage can happen to the penis skin - especially if one does "dry jelqing" (jelqing without a lubricant).

However, if you're looking for a safe medical device to train the penis for length safely, the PhalloGauge Extender may be exactly what you're looking for instead.

Can I jelq before sex?


Does jelqing cause ED?

No. In fact, jelqers have reported stronger, harder erections instead.

There are no other negative side-effects, either.

But is jelqing effective for size?

To quote from the clinical study:

"There does seem to be a very weak positive natural trend in size."

See the before and after pictures from this jelqing clinical study.

Does Jelqing Work? Conclusions from Medical Studies:

But a penis question our medical team gets hundreds of emails from men each week is:

"Hey PG Medical, does jelqing really work?"

You may be surprised with PhalloGauge Medical's study's jelqing results with 7 male subjects.

Data from study plotted on a line graph.
Data graph from PG Medical Lab's 3-Month Clinical Study.

The short answer?

It's complicated.

I can say for 100% certain jelqing is not the best penis size enlargement technique.

So if you want faster size results, I think there is a much more reliable product you should use instead to enlarge: Penis Pumps.

before and after results
Left: Size Result from Jelqing. Right: Size Result from pumping.

As you can see, the pump (right image) yields much better size enhancement results than jelqing.

Get a pump here to get the bigger results from the right image for yourself.

Even Universities recognize jelqing works.

Here is a screenshot quote from Cornell's medical school:

Description by Cornell University
This exercise has even received the attention of medical communities, like Cornell University's medical school.

In addition to certain medical communities recongnizing jelqing, there have also been thousands of testimonial enlargement results by men on penis enlargement forums.

A Scientific Theory on Why Jelqing Works

Jelqing works because it uses the positive pressure from your OK-grip to increase blood flow into your Corpora Cavernosa in your penis.

It's utilizes hypertrophic principles with the pressure from your fingers.

Think about what happens when you squeeze a semi-inflated tissue mass.

diagram showing how the jelq works
How the penile tissues are "trained".

If you squeeze one side, this will cause all the blood will be pushed into the other side.

Now when you apply this natural pumping force to your penis over many hours and repetitions, the penis adapts and penis size is improved.

This is how jelqing works at a fundamental level.

One famous study done in 2018 found that after 12 weeks, the average penis length increase was 0.13 inches.

The same study also found that the average girth increase was 0.30 inches in the same time period.

According to a 2016 study, the doctors found that the erect penis girth increased by 7% after 16 weeks of jelqing.

A 2015 jelqing study reported girth gains ranging between 3% and 9% over jelqing.

Doctors suggest that there appears to be two critical principles that explain the "science" of jelqing.

According to Dr. Paul Turek, proposed the theory of "tissue remodeling", which is a hypothesis that can be described as simply moving existing penile tissue to other areas of the penis shaft, giving the impression increased penile girth.

Given that the average male engages in jelqing for 30 minutes each day for around 3 months (some men, even longer), the physics of pressure plus time can lead to a change in nearly everything in the universe.

However, Turek's theory is still under scrutiny by the medical community and some have even set out to try and debunk it with their own clinical studies.

Some skeptics in the medical community flat out reject Turek's theory and favor Dr. Ferrara's theory simply because his theory is backed by data from the most comprehensive study ever done to date on jelqing, which was completed back in September 2018.

As more clinical data is released to the medical community, more men in the general public have reported to have tried jelqing.

In fact, a 2015 British survey found that out of all the men that have attempted natural penis enlargement, 45% of them are have actually tried jelqing at one point.

The Benefits of Jelqing Exercises

Any man can start jelqing right away.

You do not need a doctor to do jelqs.

Or if you want you could spend about $30 on jelqing devices - (not required, though).

It's an enlargement exercise that primarily targets girth.

Majority of women prefer penis girth as it creates the physical pressure that stimulates their vaginal walls.

So if you're targeting girth, studies show jelqing is preferred over penis stretching exercises.

It's Safe (Not harmful or dangerous).

Most of you men already know how I feel about penis surgery and it's complications.

Because there is no harm, I'll recommend these exercises over penis surgery any day.

It requires about 20 minutes of exercise effort every day.

A man frustrated with his penis enlargement routine.
Not everybody has enlargement exercise discipline. Do you?

If you can't keep to a regular exercise routine, you're probably going to find it hard to stay disciplined.

Unfortunately, jelqing results don't just come in one or two sessions - it takes many months.

Your ability to multitask is severely limited.

You can do pretty much anything that doesn't require your hands while jelqing.

That's why it's limited multitasking.

There are other penis enlargement methods that do not require your hands - like this one.

It requires 100% privacy.

You can only do jelqing in the privacy of your bedroom.

Just don't get caught or others will think you're weird.

I bring this point up, because there are penis enlargement methods, using a penis extender, that allow you to stealthily do them in the middle of public - all without anyone noticing.

It requires some clean-up.

Because you're using a water-based lubricant, you're going to have to wash it off when you're done.

I personally cannot stand the stickiness, so I have to wash my crotch after every time I do jelqing.

If this is a problem, you're better off just using a penis pump.

Cleaning lube off the floor after a jelqing session.
When I jelq, I always drip lube which I have to clean-up.

It has been repoted that combining jelqing with kegels treats erectile dysfunction.

Ferrara, in his recent report, had one set of his male subjects do kegels while jelqing while the other did not do the kegels.

What he found was quite interesting.

The men who did kegel exercises while jelqing reported longer and harder erections during the self-reported measurement period while those who did not did not experience any change.

This would suggest that kegels, plus jelqing is an effective natural erectile dysfunction treatment.

In conclusion, jelqing is one of the "bread-and-butter" exercises for male enhancement.

Not only that, but it's probably the easiest penis exercise to get started with, and one that is highly recommended for men who have never done any penis enlargement before.

Jelqing primaily targets girth, but can be used to achieve some length gains due to the pulling nature of the exercise.

However there are much better options for penis length gains.

woman impressed by man's size
It is the single-most important male health exercise to do for overall penile health and size. Many jelqers have reported it also decreases his sexual anxiety.

Have you tried jelqing? Has jelqing actually improved your sexual relationships with women or not? Has jelqing / viagra decreased your anxiety during sex?

If you're also interested in gaining penis length, you may be interested in extender devices, developed by doctors, where thousands of men already use.

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Fact Checked: This research-backed page has been fact-checked and reviewed by a certified medical specialist.


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"Hey man, here's free shipping on this Bathmate pump, all on me."
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