Why Penis Enlargement Creams and Oils Don't Work

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Updated on October 12, 2020

penis enlargement cream and oil

The Benefits of Using a Penis Enalargement Cream

Here are the immediate benefits of penis cream:

  • Harder Erections. Harder erection are a result of making sure that your blood fully fills your penis and can maintain that blood flow.

  • Fuller Erections. Make sure you're maximizing your size by ensuring every cavity of your penis tissue is filled with blood.

  • Longer Erections. Longer erections occur when your pelvis can effectively deliver the shaft blood for prolong periods of time.

Next, we will see how all of the above can achieved scientifically.

Does it work?

One key word:


That's how it all works!

What is vasodilation?

It's just the scientific word for "blood vessels widening".

What happens when your blood vessels widen?

More blood starts to flow into your penis.

This equates to harder, fuller, and longer erections.

But how does the oil trigger vasodilation?

The oil molecules are small enough to enter your penis through the pores in the penis shaft.

The active ingredients in the oil then proceed to act upon the various body cells inside the penis.

What is Typically in Penis Enlargement Cream? Common Ingredients

Here are the typical ingredients that appear in penis enlargement oils:

  • Catuaba Bark Extract

  • Hawthorn Berry

  • Epimedium Leaf Extract

  • Cuscuta Seed Extract

  • Muira Pauma Bark Extract

  • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf

  • Asian Red Ginseng

As you can see, practically all of these ingredients are all-natural herbs - Not synthetic compounds.

How to Use It

Here are the steps to use a penis oil:

  • Try to get a semi-erection, 50-100% hardness.

  • Squirt a dab in one hand.

  • Evenly layer it all around your penis shaft from base to the bottom of your glans.

  • Deeply press it into your shaft.

  • Rub until the cream seems to be dissapating.

What to Expect from Using a Penis Enlargement Cream or Oil

Putting the it on.

You will feel a tingling sensation in your penis.

But don't worry, that's perfectly normal.

The cream will also make your hands a bit slippery, so you'll want to wash it off immediately after putting it on.

There's nothing wrong with keeping it on your hands, but most guys tend to like to multitask with the oil on, so if you're using a computer, you'll definitely want to wash it off.

What will happen after a few minutes:

Your penis will start to engorge and enlargen.

However, this is purely due to the blood flow that is starting to occur in your penis.

The biggest misconception is that this enlargement is actually making your penis permanently bigger - this is not what is happening.

The actual effects are similar to Viagra - harder, fuller, longer erections.

What will happen after a few hours:

Actually, after an hour or so, the hardness intensity of your penis will start to go down.

That means that the blood is starting to drain from your penis.

However, some guys may experience higher blood flow even 2 hours after using the penis enlargement oil.

Once your erection dies down a bit, you will experience a "lower hang" in your flaccid penis.

This means that the micro cell chambers in your penis after still filled with residual amounts of blood.

This is great for looking naturally "hung" and it also feels great.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use penis enlargement creams?

Two situations:

Well, penis enlargement is based upon the tensile forces applied to penile tissue due to stretching.

Results gained from penis enlargement training is permanent.

When the blood flow is maximized in your penis through oils, you're effectively getting the most bang for your buck for each exercise.

That is, each exercise is stretchign the tissues to the max, both laterally (from stretching) and outwards (due to expansion from higher blood flow).

The second scenario - using it before sex - is just to help you with the actual act - by keeping your erection harder, fuller, and longer so that she enjoys it as well.

The good part is that the effects of the oil will die down after you're both done, and the oil does its job beautifully.

Can I ejaculate after using a penis oil?

Yes, you can!

There's no problem with doing so.

How does VigRX Oil compare to other topical male enhancements?

VigRX Oil is probably the most popular brand oil on the market.

It does everything described in this guide.

Can Oil be use with a condom?

It can, but it should be put on your penis skin, not the condom!

Also some men have reported that using too much oil tends to make the condom slip off, so be careful!

If you do plan to use a condom, use less oil than usual to prevent slippage from happening.

Does using Penis Oil result in oily or greasy residue?

Yes, but the oily residue comes right off when washing with basic water and hand soap.

Fortunately, the oil does feel good when combined with stimulus - whether it be self-masturbation or sex.

Just be sure to wash it off before you go to bed, and don't sleep with it on!

Can it be use during oral sex and is it safe?

We don't recommend that you use it during oral sex.

It's not meant to be consumed orally.

That risk occurs when your partner is going to give your oral sex.

One strategy is to apply the oil after having oral sex, and just make sure she doesn't suck on you after!

Can it triggers STD(sexually transmitted disease) complication?

The oil has nothing to do with whether or not you transmit a STD.

This also means that it doesn't protect you from STDs.

The only thing that increases the chance of transfering STDs is when you have unprotected sex - not using a condom.

How does a topical male enhancement compare to an enhancement pill?

The benefits of the oil and pills are very similar: harder, fuller, longer erections.

However the pill is taken orally while the oil is applied topically and absorbed through the skin.

Ultimately, it just comes down to whichever method of male enhancement you prefer to take.

Which one is easier for you?

Some guys will opt for oil because they cannot swallow pills.

Some guys will opt for pills because they like the convenience of them.

Just pick the method that fits your lifestyle.

Does Penis Enlargement Cream help improve sexual performance and erection quality?


That's exactly what it does. See the "benefits" section in the first two sections above.

Does topical male enhancement (oil) helps increase penis size?

Yes and no.

The main thing to understand is that the oil will not on it's own, permanently increase penis size.

Instead, it will help you to achieve your current maximum size by maximizing your erection to its fullest potential.

Even pills don't add size permanently because they have the same effect as the oil.

However, permanently increasing penis size is left to hyperplasia and penis traction methods like penis extenders.

This is because these methods actually increase your penis cell count. rather than just pushing more blood in the penis like oil and pills.

In Conclusion

Penis enlargement cream is a topical solution to making your erections harder, longer, and fuller.

These benefits can be used in conjunction with traction-based hyperplasia methods, as well as for actual sex (with some safety caveats).

However, if there's anything you take away from this article, just understand this:

Penis oil cannot permanently make your penis wider or longer.

That's because the oil just promotes a stronger blood flow in the penis, but doesn't actually modify the size of the cells in the penis tissue.

There is a way to modify the penis cell tissue - and that's through extenders and exercises.

However, if you're looking for a daily treatment that does not require consuming something (pills) - then oil may just be the solution for you.

However, if you're looking to permanently increase your penis size (not just make it temporarily harder and fuller, like with oil), you may be interested in our tool that thousands of men already use.

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