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The Best Erectile Dysfunction Pills of 2020 (Updated Monthly)

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Updated on March 10, 2020

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common penile deformity that faces millions of men all over the world. This medical condition occurs when a man faces challenges arousing during sex or when all he can manage is a weak erection consistently over a period of time.

ED is a treatable condition, and if you happen to be suffering from it, you should seek medical attention. It is very easy to realize that you might be suffering from ED because you will notice you are having a hard time arousing your penis during sex. If you consistently face this challenge, then it means you are likely to be suffering from erectile dysfunction, and medical attention will come in handy.

Once a professional doctor has diagnosed you with ED, he will give you the appropriate prescription of ED drugs. These drugs have been developed to restore the sex life of those men suffering from the condition. With these prescriptions, you will regain your ability to have a strong erection enough for a good sex experience.

The most popular and effective group of ED pills in the market today is the Prescription PDE5 Inhibitors. This particular group of pills has gained popularity over the years due to their ability to effectively restore men's ability to have a strong penis erection.

These drugs work by stimulating the secretion of nitric oxide that is responsible for activating the erectile function of the penis.

This review will look into the best 5 natural Erectile Dysfunction drugs.

The 5 best ED drugs in 2020

These are some of the best and leading ED drugs in the market today:

VigRX Plus

This drug is one of the leading erectile enhancement products in the United States market. Unlike most of the other drugs, VigRX Plus is a natural supplement and is readily available with no prescription.

The drug contains Bioprine, which, according to scientific studies, enhances the absorption of nutrients. It also contains the Horny Goat Weed, which has proved to enhance blood flow in the penis.

According to clinical studies, VigRX Plus is very safe, and its efficacy in enhancing male sexual activeness and erectile function is unmatched. Besides being all-natural, its oral toxicity results show that it is 100% safe for direct use.

The drug only goes for a wallet-friendly $77 for every monthly supply. This is a considerably low price compared to other drugs in the market.


This drug has been ranked as the best ED prescription of the year due to its long therapeutic effects after use. Viasil does not work to satisfy the short term need for one-time sex experience, but instead, the efficacy is long-term.

Instead of giving an erection that will last for just a few hours, Viasil completely cures the erectile function impairment. A prescription of this drug brings the entire erectile dysfunction to an end. However, do not expect to receive this impressive result after taking the first pill. Consistency of use is what will completely end your ED problem. The other quality of the drug that gives it an upper hand in the market is the fact that its use has no subsequent side effects that are common with other drugs.


This drug has been in the market unbeaten for a decade now. ProSolution was first developed ten years ago to improve the sex life of many men suffering from ED. However, the formula of the drug has changed over the years to aid an effective approach to erectile dysfunction conditions facing millions of men.

It is through the addition of other trademark compounds into the formula that ProSolution can now address both the psychological and physical aspects of high sex drive and erectile dysfunction. All the active compounds in the drug have been endorsed by doctors and are scientifically supported.

ProSolution is a superior ED drug in terms of quality and is free from chemicals and other harmful substances. The drug is available with no prescription required.

Male Extra

Having been a major player in the market for more than a decade, Male Extra has firmly established its brand for quality, among other ED pills. These pills offer a solution to low sex drive and erectile dysfunction.

New innovations on the formula of the pill are being made every day to help strengthen the drug's ability to fight ED. Male Extra works by increasing testosterone synthesis and enhancing the secretion of nitric oxide.

The drug is non-synthetic and has been scientifically proven to be harmless. Male Extra pills are readily available at a cost-effective price with no prescription required.


Unlike most of the other ED pills in the market, VigRX has proved ho have a Myriad of benefits besides curing erectile dysfunction. Researchers carried out an 84-days study on the drug, and the results of the triple-blind study showed that VigRX effectively enhances the ability to maintain an erection, improved the patient's libido and orgasmic quality.

The pills are very affordable to all those in need of its prescription. With only $60, you will receive a monthly supply of VigRX pills. It is cheaper than most of the other erectile enhancement pills in the market.

Reasons Why you Should Consider Using ED Pills

ED pills are both natural and synthetic prescription pills that are aimed at improving the quality of male erection and treatment of erectile dysfunction conditions for better sex life.

Erectile dysfunction has been defined as the medical condition of being unable to have or maintain a natural erection in men.

Although not all men are suffering from ED, every single man has experienced the symptoms of this condition at one point in his sex life. Most of those facing the problem do not report the cases nor seek medical attention. These leaves them with the option of looking for the best ED pills that will help better their sex life.

But the question of arriving at the best ED pill that will effectively address one's unique problem becomes a major challenge. However, with the diversification of remedies to address impotence and erectile dysfunction, it has become easier to arrive at the best ED pills.

By following the market trends, new pills are being launched into the market every day, and this will mean there will be so many products from which you can choose from. With a variety of drugs, each having its unique upsides, it will be easier to pick out one that well suits your needs.

You may opt to either use prescription of ED drugs or natural ED supplements depending on the necessity of your requirements.

Do the benefits outweigh the risks?

If you have been suffering from erectile dysfunction for long and the natural non-prescription ED pills do not seem to be working for you, then it is advisable that you seek the advice of healthcare providers. A doctor will prescribe a synthetic prescription pill after carrying out the necessary diagnosis.

Healthcare providers will always choose the best medication for their patient's specific needs. However, medical ED drugs are made of very strong Artificial PDE5 Inhibitors. Some of the famous medical anti-potency prescription drugs in the market in the market include Sildenafil, Vardenafil, Avanafil, and Tadalafil. These prescriptions have high efficacy and have been reported to satisfy the customer's expectations in over 80% of the cases.

To achieve the expected result, all you have to do is swallow one pill every time before having sex. The duration of the effects may vary from 15 minutes from even 36 hours. These drugs are not innocuous as to meet the expectations of the customers, as is the case with natural pills.

Using powerful prescription drugs poses a threat of having the following side effects:

  • Muscle pains

  • Stuffy

  • A prolonged erection that may last for hours

  • Headaches

  • Stuffy nose

  • Impaired vision

Although the above mention side effects are the most common, there are other serious downsides of using prescription ED drugs among them being:

  • Hypertension

  • StrokeHeart diseases

The dangers may be even greater if you happen to be treating your ED condition with either nitrate or alpha-blocker medications. This is basically the reason why most men do not prefer prescription anti-impotency medication drugs but rather opt to use the safer option of natural ED pills.

The natural ED pills are the safest remedy for all men facing erectile dysfunction.

The Side Effects of medical Prescription ED Drugs

Prescription ED drugs such as Cialis and Viagra happen to work better than natural pills. However, they come with unending and annoying side effects on the men that use them. The following is a spectrum of the side effects of using prescription pills.

  • Insomnia

  • Headache

  • Back pain

  • Heart attack

  • Stethalgia

  • Vision loss

  • Muscle pain

  • Digestive upsets

  • Cardiac death

  • Racing heart

  • Acoustic disturbance

  • Angina

  • Prolonged erection hours

  • Reduced blood pressure

To avoid these side effects while still using prescription drugs, there are numerous requirements you need to meet. One of the requirements is that you should avoid using alcohol while still using Viagra or any medical prescription ED drug. Alcohol is very incompatible with these drugs and may lead to severe hypertension.

You should avoid using ED pills with nitrate for that will only worsen your health and jeopardize your life. ED drugs are not recommended if you happen to have some of the following condition:

  • Liver disease

  • Blood diseases

  • Hypotension

  • Gastric

  • Heart disease

  • Convulsionary attacks

  • Gastric ulcer

  • Kidney diseases

  • Eye diseases

Using ED drugs while still having these conditions will lead to severe complications and side effects. You should also avoid using a combination of Cialis or Viagra with any other anti-impotence supplements.

ED Pills and Counseling

The major triggers of erectile dysfunction are physical causes that require medical attention. In such cases, a medical prescription is recommended. The psychological aspect has also been introduced as another cause of erectile dysfunction. As a fact, the psychological conditions are, in fact, the leading causes of the embarrassment men are facing erectile dysfunction.

Cases of ED due to psychological causes such as stress and anxiety are easy to treat as compared to other causes. The use of counseling and natural ED pills is all it takes to fix the problem. It is, therefore, crucial to pick the most effective non-synthetic anti-impotence supplement. To arrive at this decision, the advice of a professional therapist will come in handy. You should also ensure that the therapist you choose to handle your psychological-induced erectile dysfunction should be professionally qualified.

Discussing the problems that make you chronically distressed with your therapist will help in relieving your sexual anxiety, and this will subsequently increase your self-esteem and sexual confidence in bed.

The combination of all-natural ED supplements with the aid of a professional therapist will accelerate the combating of erectile dysfunction.

Types of ED pills

All though there are so many ED drugs in the market today, it is possible to classify them into two major groups. These two classes of ED drugs are:

  • Over-the-counter ED pills

  • Prescription ED Pills

Over-the-Counter Erectile Dysfunction Supplements

Since many of the men facing ED are not willing to seek medical attention, they prefer going for ED supplements and pills that are readily available over the counter. This is the reason why this type of ED drugs has been gaining a lot of popularity.

Over-the-counter ED pills do not require any prescription and are all-natural. Although they work the same way as Prescription PDE5 Inhibitors, natural ED pills do not contain synthetic ingredients. They are highly safe and act naturally and mildly.

Both prescription ED pills and Non-synthetic ED pills have their upsides that benefit men in combating erectile dysfunction, and all you have to do is choose the best pill to fix your condition.

Prescription Erectile Dysfunction Pills

Medical prescriptions are designed to correct the inability to erect only at the time when that correction is needed. They are PDE5 Inhibitors, and they work by boosting the secretion of nitric oxide in men.

These artificial drugs are strong and aid in rising the levels of Nitric oxide responsible for triggering the erection in men. This is why, after taking the prescription pill, one suffering from erectile dysfunction will immediately get a firm and strong erection sufficient to sustain good sex intercourse.

However, being so powerful means the use of such prescription ED pills has a downside, which is causing a very high risk of experiencing severe contraindications and reactions.

Why the Natural or Non-synthetic ED Pills may not always help

The demand for these natural remedies has greatly increased as all men facing ED are seeking natural supplements. Due to this high demand, the market has been flooded with so many natural ED supplement products.

Malicious dealers have taken advantage of the high unregulated demand for natural ED remedies and want to make quick money by playing off unsuspecting customers. This practice has seen fake manufacturers launching "natural ED Pills" that, if used, will not help solve the erectile dysfunction condition at all.

Some of the risks associated with using ED pills from such fraudulent manufacturers include:

  • Consumption of inappropriate dosses
  • Natural ingredients are replaced with synthetic ingredients

  • Use of active substances that have been forbidden by law

  • False claims of safety and efficacy of the pills

  • The inauthenticity of the origin of natural remedies.

The production process relies on facilities that have not been approved by the FDA.

One way of distinguishing the fake natural supplements is that they will always be cheaper compared to the prices of those products offered by reliable manufacturers. Always question when the quoted price of a natural ED pill is considerably lower than the rest to avoid falling victim to the fraudulently manufactured ED pills.

It is recommended that you only trust products from internationally recognized manufacturers when it comes to natural ED pills.

Choosing the best ED Pill

As we have already established, the market is flooded with so many ED-fixing products, some that are genuine and some that are fraudulent. Because of that, choosing the best product becomes a little bit of a challenge. Among the numerous market offers, there are natural ED pills that cannot be termed as being safe.

The FDA recognizes this risk and advises customers to take great care of safety when picking natural ED pills. The problem arises when manufacturers of these supplements claim them to be all-natural while, in a real sense, they contain dangerous substances or even synthetic ingredients found in prescription drugs.

Natural remedies that contain Vardenafil or Sildenafil, for example, will cause great harm to users who are undergoing treatment with nitrate medications for other conditions such as chest pains and heart diseases.

Over the last couple of years, the FDA has banned numerous natural ED pills because they contained unknown and unsafe substances. When lab tested, these products showed traces of dangerous active substances.

The FDA issued a warning to consumers not to trust remedies that claim to be instantly effective or 100% replacement of the existing prescription-only ED medications.

You should also avoid buying ED Pills that have the ingredient content written in a foreign language without a translation. Also, avoid purchasing anti-impotence pills from manufacturers who cannot prove the safety of the drugs.

Why is an all-natural remedy the best choice?

The majority of men have begun substituting prescription ED pills with the natural ED supplements to cure their erectile dysfunction problems. One of the reasons why the non-synthetic ED pills are taking the led in the supplementary industry is their naturalness.

These supplements contain authentic natural active compounds. This means that the formula of the pills does not contain any artificial ingredients. To prove their naturalness, natural ED pills are scientifically studied and tested to ensure the efficacy and safety of the ingredient.

Natural remedies work by just increasing the secretion of nitric oxide, and men should use them without worrying about their health or safety. With natural ED pills, you will not experience unpredictable complications or reactions.

With a trustworthy and genuine natural ED pill, the male reproductive functions will not be affected, and only the penile deformity will be corrected. These supplements only do the following:

  • Boosting sexual self-esteem

  • Improving the quality of the sperms

  • Libido and endurance improvement

  • Restoring erectile function

  • Improving sexual performance generally

Many men prefer natural remedies because they will be in a position to effectively and harmlessly combat sexual problems.

The Advantages of Using Natural Remedies

Prescription ED pills are known to work instantly while addressing Erectile dysfunction, but many men prefer the relatively slower natural ED supplement like erection tea. This is because natural supplements have numerous upsides compared to prescription medications.

Some of the advantages of using all-natural ED supplements over prescription medications include:

  • Sexual function is naturally recharged

  • They revive virile strength and the overall sex drive

  • Natural remedies improve sperm quality

  • Sustaining fuller and more solid erections

  • Fixing early ejaculation

  • These supplements enhance enlargement of manhood during the erectile state

  • Improving stamina and sex endurance

  • Users can last longer during sex

However, it is important to note that unlike the case with prescription medication, the mentioned benefits of natural ED supplements occur gradually but yield long-lasting therapeutic effects. The natural remedy is also effective because it does not require a medical prescription nor supervision.

The Safety of Erectile Dysfunction Pills

Safety is a very important factor to put into consideration whether you will be going for prescription medication or all-natural ED pills. With so many products meant to fix erectile dysfunction among other reproduction disorders in men being offered in the market today, the chances of buying unsafe or low-quality products are very high.

Although it might be impossible to be 100% sure that the product you are purchasing is safe, it is possible to reduce the risk of buying unsafe or fraudulent products. One of the ways of ascertaining the safety of the product is by checking for the clinical proof of the efficacy and safety of the product.

Genuine and trustworthy manufacturers will always make sure that their products are thoroughly tested and reveal the results of the tests to their customers to assure them that the products are safe. So, if the manufacturer is transparent with the findings of the lab tests, then you can trust such manufacture.

However, it does not mean that because the product is scientifically supported, its use will be reaction free. What a trustworthy manufacturer will do is warn you of any ingredient interactions and the adverse reactions, if any. It is, therefore, necessary that you read through the label of the product carefully before purchasing it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are some of the frequently asked questions concerning ED pills:

Do Natural ED Pills treat impotence?

Many men are seeking a natural remedy to permanently cure their erectile dysfunction condition. So, the question remains whether herbal erectile dysfunction supplements can cure their impotence.

According to scientific studies, natural ED supplements can, indeed, cure impotence in men. If you are seeking to combat erectile dysfunction with natural ED supplements, all you have to is find the nitric oxide supplements for erectile dysfunction.

Nitric oxide supplements have naturally occurring active substances that trigger the production of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is a natural product that is responsible for causing the penis to erect. This means that the more the nitric oxide, the make body produces, the fuller, stronger, and long-lasting erection you will get.

You should note that natural nitric oxide boosters work the same way as the ED prescribed medications only that the former is harmless, non-addictive, and requires no prescription. Another upside of the natural ED pills is that they aid in enhancing blood circulation in the body. A strong erection is achieved when the blood flow is seamless in the body and in manhood, particularly.

If the blood flow is fast and occurs with zero interference, then you will have a strong erection and can last in bed as long as you desire. Besides having long-lasting therapeutic effects, high-quality over-the-counter ED supplements help in improving the overall erection quality.

By revitalizing your body, natural ED supplements will increase sex drive, postpone ejaculation, increase virile strength, and boost sexual stamina. Natural ED supplements will not only cure impotence but will also improve your overall sex life.

Are ED pills better than cream?

Many people do not trust medications of any sort, and natural ED pills are no exception. This is why some of the men will tend to seek alternative remedies to overcome their erectile dysfunction problems.

By recognizing that such men exist, manufacturers have gone the extra mile to develop a cream that enhances male performance during sex. This has further diversified the scope of ED remedies that that available to customers.

However, a study comparing the effectiveness of the cream to that of pills showed that ED pills are more effective. While the use of natural supplements will harmlessly fix the ED, the use of creams my at times worsen the situation that you actually wanted to solve.

One of the problems associated with creams is that you cannot tell how much of it is enough and for how long you should apply it to get the desired result. Again, most of the cream applied on the manhood will remain on the clothes instead of addressing the sexual problem it was meant to cure.

This means that the efficacy of creams is very low as compared to that of ED pills.

Consistent use of creams may also result in the development of skin allergies. Even those men who initially had no skin allergy might end up suffering from allergic reactions caused by the use of ED creams.

Application of ED cream on your manhood may also result in a penile rush emergency. Irritation and skin rashes are very unpleasant side effects of using cream.

With ED pills, all you have to do is take them regularly as per the doctor's prescription or the manufacturers' instructions. You will also not experience inconveniences and discomfort associated with the use of creams such as skin irritation and rashes.

Can ED Pills Fix Prostrate Problems?

Prostrate related diseases are another cause for frustrated sex life in many men. Men with the prostate disease are not sure whether the use of ED pills to enhance their sex life will negatively affect their prostrate condition.

Available evidence shows that the use of natural ED supplements is safe for men having prostate issues. Therefore, if you happen to be suffering from an enlarged prostate, no prostrate, or have had prostate surgery, you can comfortably use natural ED pills without worrying about your health.

Is it necessary to consult a doctor?

The answer to this question depends on whether you are seeking a natural remedy of prescribed medication. With natural ED pills, you do not have to consult a doctor since these products do not require any prescription.

Natural ED supplements contain no synthetic ingredients. Regulation requirements are that the intake of any synthetic ingredient should be under a doctor's prescription. These supplements only contain safe and high-quality naturally occurring substances, and hence their intake does not require the supervision of a doctor.

However, even though prescription ED pills are backed with scientific support and clinical study results, it is recommended that you consult a doctor before using them. By consulting a medical profession, it becomes easy to identify possible complications and hence choosing the most effective product that best satisfies your needs.


Men have a very wide variety of remedies to fix their erectile dysfunction conditions. To get instant results, one can use prescribed ED pills. You can also choose to rely on natural ED supplements to cure erectile dysfunction. It all depends on your desired goals.

Although the safest option is the use of all-natural ED supplements, you should be keen not to fall victim to using products from fraudulent manufacturers. Always read the label carefully to ascertain whether the manufacturer is trustworthy or not.

Consider seeking the opinion of a health professional before deciding on which remedy to seek.

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