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How PhalloGauge Medical became the leader in sexual wellness, sexual health and sex toy expertise

Despite the fact that PhalloGauge Medical are true progressive sex experts, there is one thing our bunch has in common with every horny man and woman: we like a high quality sex and sex toys equally with everyone's hidden orgasmic desires.

Noticing that there were no professional websites out there reviewing all the amazing sexual devices and toys on the market, PhalloGauge Medical did something about it.

It is more apparent that today’s lustful men of all sexual orientations need to know more about their sex options.

By research the latest sex innovations, PhalloGauge Medical became an sex expert on the topics of sexual relationship therapy tools and sex toys for all genders.

PhalloGauge Medical is proud to be a sexual orientation and gender inclusive company.

PhalloGauge Medical Company Mission

Our website is dedicated to improving our adult users' penis sexual health.

PhalloGauge Medical, or PhalloGauge for short, is a content publisher on men's adult sexual health, but specializing in penis health.

Our writers are medical doctors with extensive experience.

PhalloGauge has two purposes:

  1. Educate its readers on the topic of penis health through articles written by our staff medical doctors.

  2. Sell penis extender device sex toy products.

PhalloGauge Medical focuses on men's sexual health, penis health and sex toy topics.

Our mission is to make sure every man achieves the apex of sex and pleasure in their lifetime.

PhalloGauge Medical will promote only products that we personally sell on our website (mainly the PhalloGauge Extender product).

If you want to contact representatives at PhalloGauge, go here.

Sexual Wellness and Sexual Health Goals for Gay Men, Straight Men, and Women

We didn't know that much about sex toys at all 10 years ago.

Things changed when I went to a Los Angeles bachelorette party and saw my wife receive a bright blue vibrator from one of our other colleagues.

She knew plenty about sex toys making her a true exepert.

We eventually taught her how to enhance her masturbation sessions, as well as sex with both partners.

Soon after, we reviewed our first sex toy - a rigid silicone white dildo.

Our writing staff soon became obsessed, with our sex toy inventory starting to exceed 60 different sex toys in total.

Some were straightforward, and others were crazy-intense and shocking.

I just read one of my sex toy reviews when I need to quickly arouse myself in private.

Sex toys are key products to spice things up.

Our goal is to change the mindsets about sex and expose both men and women to just how truly enhanced you can make your life from the use of sex toys.

Every gay and transgender man deserves to have the civil rights that they deserve.

Gay people should not be judged by their sexual orientation.

Sex toys can improve your overall mood going long into the night.

Making sex toys an key part of your sex life has benefits that extend into your everyday life!

We here at PhalloGauge Medical are wholeheartedly here for you, - we'll answer any questions you have about penis extender, penis pumps, and sex toys!

The vast number of sex toys on the market can certainly be mind-boggling, but it is always like that for newbies.

Once you purchase your first sexual wellness product, I guarantee you'll explore your sexuality more and more!

Your penis / vagina (...and your partner or gay partner) will be so thankful!

Trust our sexpert team!

PhalloGauge Medical is a Proud Supporter of the LGBT Community

We regularly donate to the following LGBT and LGBTQ organizations:

PhalloGauge Medical Writers and Policies

Our team is truly diverse and proudly employs people of gay, queer, and transgender sexual orientation.

Additionally, we are proud to employ as many women as possible, especially since our writing team is full of female doctors.

When it comes to your sexual health and sexual wellness, you need to feel not only confident about the choices you make, but also about information that helps you make them.

That’s why we work with writers who are experts in their areas - this consists of board-certified urologists and gynecologists with the credentials and reputation to back it up.

Writers are specifically selected for both their real-world sex experience and extensive clinical sexual knowledge as well as their ability to communicate complex information in a clear and helpful way.

Articles also are always reviewed by our Editor in Chief and undergo routine updating to ensure reporting is responsible, accurate, understandable, helpful, and reflective of the most current research.

Our product reviews are independent and based on research and sex product testing.

We do not review other products. In the rare case that we do, we will always give our honest medical opinion about the product.

We currently do not receive commissions on sexual wellness recommended products, nor do we plan on doing so in the future.

PhalloGauge Medical always ensures that their articles are sensitive to gay people, women, and people of color.

We support all genders:

  • Agender

  • Androgyne

  • Androgynous

  • Bigender

  • Cis

  • Cisgender

  • Cis Female

  • Cis Male

  • Cis Man

  • Cis Woman

  • Cisgender Female

  • Cisgender Male

  • Cisgender Man

  • Cisgender Woman

  • Female to Male

  • FTM

  • Gender Fluid

  • Gender Nonconforming

  • Gender Questioning

  • Gender Variant

  • Genderqueer

  • Intersex

  • Male to Female

  • MTF

  • Neither

  • Neutrois

  • Non-binary

  • Other

  • Pangender

  • Trans

  • Trans*

  • Trans Female

  • Trans* Female

  • Trans Male

  • Trans* Male

  • Trans Man

  • Trans* Man

  • Trans Person

  • Trans* Person

  • Trans Woman

  • Trans* Woman

  • Transfeminine

  • Transgender

  • Transgender Female

  • Transgender Male

  • Transgender Man

  • Transgender Person

  • Transgender Woman

  • Transmasculine

  • Transsexual

  • Transsexual Female

  • Transsexual Male

  • Transsexual Man

  • Transsexual Person

  • Transsexual Woman

  • Two-Spirit

We also proudly support the following pronouns to identify yourself: "him," "her" or "their."

PhalloGauge Medical is also the certified licensed seller of the PhalloGauge Penis Extender sex toy product.

Jeff Ferrara, is the feminist, transgender inventor of the PhalloGauge penis extender.

In August 2018, the PhalloGauge offically hired many advocates for feminist rights.

All our doctors believe that there is more than one gender.

Our company, PhalloGauge, is certified and licensed to sell this penis extender product on our website.

Penis extender products are perfectly safe for self-use and do not require a prescription from a medical doctor.

Penis extenders are devices that utilize the traction principle, a technique borrowed from plastic surgery to induce cell hyperplasia (cell duplication).

The end result is more penis tissue cells and a permanent increase in length.

To accomplish this phenomenon, you must use a penis extender to hold the penis in the said traction position for long periods of time.

Product Returns

First you must inquire with us about a return by emailing us.

Typically we request that you send the product back and we will issue a refund once it has been received.

Please see our Return Policy, here.

Feel free to read more about our sales terms and conditions, here.

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We're located in Los Angeles, CA, USA

Hours of Operation

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