3D Animation: CGI vs. Claymation

Taylor Sterritt
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3D Animation is highly challenging for many animators. Unlike 2D animation that only takes height and width into consideration, 3D animation involves height, width, and depth. Most 3D animation in pop culture and entertainment today uses Computer Generated Imagery, or CGI for short. Pixar Animation Studios is one of the companies that has the most success with 3D animation. After the debut of their first-full length CGI film Toy Story in 1995, Pixar built a whole business on CGI Animation.

Although Pixar Studios was the first company to do a CGI film, they were certainly not the first to utilize 3D animation. First used in the 1960’s, stop-motion and Claymation animation involved taking real-life 3D objects, often made of clay, and animating them. We use this by posing the object, frame by frame, taking a photo of each pose, and then stringing all the photos together for a cohesive story. While this animation process has a beautiful result, it’s very labor intensive and time consuming to do, sometimes taking an upwards of 4 hours to produce 30 seconds of film. Some of my personal favorite Claymation and stop-motion animations are Prometheus and Bob from Nickelodeon’s KaBlam!, Sony’s Arthur Christmas, & Shaun the Sheep. What are some of your favorite 3D animated series or films? Tell us in the comments below!


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