Animation Trends to watch: Liquid Motion

Taylor Sterritt
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One of 2017’s biggest animation trends is liquid motion. Liquid motion is a style of animation that moves away from the ‘realistic’ depiction of artificial movement. Instead of using the expected lines and geometric shapes to transition from one movement to another, liquid motion creates a fluid transition between the shapes.

The outcome is often colorful, eye catching, and pleasing to the audience because of the unexpected, quick changes. Liquid motion animation is often said to have a psychedelic effect because of the bright colors and rapid, morphing movements, like in the example below.

Liquid motion has been around for many years, but in the last 5 years, it’s gained serious momentum because of ads from companies like Adult Swim, MTV, and Fox. One of my personal favorite ad campaigns featuring liquid motion was for the 2010 Nike World Basketball Festival. The tools used to create this video advertisement were After Effects and Maya. It features the signature bright colors, rapid movements, and fluid motions that audiences expect from liquid motion.

Did you experience animating liquid motion? What are some of your favorite liquid motion videos? Tell us in the comments!

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